Music that thrills you


WOW…Jared_Ferkin…thank you for your detailed thoughts and samples(especially being on Itunes since that is what I use. Will take me a bit to go through the sample and match your thoughts to mine.


This forum can be addicting. I get by with a little help from my friends.

Tidal, Roon, dug out my STAX a few months ago, got the Mjolnir-modified STAX SRM-T1S tube amp. Ordered the iFi xDSD. But it’s about the music. So I clicked “Master” on Roon, and browsed. There it was, a May 2017 remix of Sgt Pepper. Is there any music I know better? How many times have I seen the movie? Played the vinyl?

So now I’m listening to the MQA streaming version. I really can’t do any review here. This is not about a review. It’s about putting together a very very nice chain that lets me enjoy and hear the music, perhaps more clearly than I ever have. It was pretty good in the movie theaters. It was very good on vinyl through my speakers. But the detail in this headphone setup is astonishing.

Thank you @Andrew for sending me the invite. And @Torq for the explanations about setup. And @spritzer for this marvelous amp. And to all of you and your discussions of everything that rekindled my interest.

And now I’m just going to listen… She’s Leaving Home.


I am a musician and have very eclectic tastes, enjoy :smiley: