Music that compels you to share with others


It would be cool to get a song you heard recently, that captivated you, and explain why. Then share it with the community. I think it would be a good experience and a good way to discover new music across the board.

Really digging on this song… it was released in 2015 so a lil bit older but I enjoy it a lot . I came across it randomly on Spotify.
The intro is what pulled me in with what I think is a electric guitar, but with electronic mixing these days you can never be sure, then it drops right into an upbeat bass heavy yet relaxing melody, and a “whisper” high male vocals.

I’ll try and keep updating with new tracks, I hope the community will also participate.


This pop’d onto my Spotify new music list.

I really enjoy the raspy voice, and melody a lot. It reminds me of something my dad would jam to. Man I really am digging on the rhythm, and overall feel of this track. The pluck of the electric guitar and the brass in the back…very cool. The drums and vocals are more forward/present then the other instruments. At the end the guitar is a nice fade to black.


One of the songs I really like is Bob Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower” I like to listen to covers, usually starting with Jimi Hendrix. Today, I listened to the Dave Matthew’s band rendition, live from Central Park in 2003.



Dave Mason had a decent version of All Along the Watchtower on his Dave Mason LP.

for me the song that does it the most is Guilty by Randy Newman, performed by Bonnie Raitt


Great song.