Music and drink pairings


I may have to pick a bottle of this up… seeing as they tied it to music lol…plus really good reviews


I saw it at a liquor store in Vancouver today (quick day trip up from Seattle area to show friends Vancouver). I went with a Japanese whiskey instead…now I’m kinda wanting this one more lol


It’s not something people understand. I was born and raised in the US, and a am a 2 cup a day coffee drinker.

Spent 2 months in the UK, and the tea is different. I don’t know what’s different about it, but it’s different.

If I hadn’t gone there and tried it I wouldn’t understand. It’s ruined tea for me here in the US.


I will have to look for this. I’m very fond of the Highland Park 15 year old. Thanks for the note.


My favourite Scotch release from last year. 75.5% 2003 Ardbeg, an absolute steal at $140CAD. Pairs well with War on Drugs.


I like Ardbeg. I’m 3/4 sure I’d like this.


Drinking tonight … Started off with Lost Republic rye with ginger beer, and two fingers of Glennfiddich American bourbon barrel aged whiskey. And finishing off with some Whistle Pig Rye…all while mixing it up with Spotify premium play list…it has been a good night…what is it about good music and good transducer/amp/DAC, and some quality booze, that just makes magic…I should be sleeping, but…


At this moment, I’m listening to some old 80’s Loverboy (Roon/Tidal) on the HiFiMAN HE-6se enjoying a Double Bourbon and Branch Water. Bourbon, Rye, and Brandy (Cognac & Calvados) are my favs. A cider once and awhile as well. The bourbon and glowing Kenzie Encore tubes enhance the mood.


Ah, another rye drinker. Our state liquor store had a great buy on Canadian Club rye. $17 per bottle! It’s not quite Russell Reserve, but it’s pretty close.

I paired it with David Bowie at Glastonbury 2000, and then with some Schubert.


Russell Reserve Rye was super hard to find a couple of years ago. I still have three bottles left I had ordered from Arizona. Has a mighty nice bite to it. The Crater Lake stuff is not bad either.


I love Bend, my brother just retired to Sisters (neighbor town). His wife works at a distillery distributor there…


Call me boring but I am sticking with my trusty old Southern Comfort on an evening, if I require a tiple. :tumbler_glass::crazy_face:.


Southern Comfort is too sweet for my taste, but Janis Joplin sure liked a bottle or two of it.


A friend is coming over for a beer tonight, I think I went a lil overboard at the liquor store…


How does the Ocean compare to the Reserve? I drink the Reserve regularly. Ocean Whiskey floating on a boat…If I recollect correctly, the Ocean was about twice the price.


I’ll let you know, but it was pricey for what it is

Edit: it is very good…not my favorite, but worth a try. It almost has a refreshing mouth feel, I can pick up the sea salt. Actually rather impressive. I may make it a staple

Edit2: the Kaniche XO… is a great end cap to the night!
buddy walking home after a couple of brews and drams, but before he did…he shared this track: