Music and drink pairings


I may have to pick a bottle of this up… seeing as they tied it to music lol…plus really good reviews


I saw it at a liquor store in Vancouver today (quick day trip up from Seattle area to show friends Vancouver). I went with a Japanese whiskey instead…now I’m kinda wanting this one more lol


It’s not something people understand. I was born and raised in the US, and a am a 2 cup a day coffee drinker.

Spent 2 months in the UK, and the tea is different. I don’t know what’s different about it, but it’s different.

If I hadn’t gone there and tried it I wouldn’t understand. It’s ruined tea for me here in the US.


I will have to look for this. I’m very fond of the Highland Park 15 year old. Thanks for the note.


My favourite Scotch release from last year. 75.5% 2003 Ardbeg, an absolute steal at $140CAD. Pairs well with War on Drugs.


I like Ardbeg. I’m 3/4 sure I’d like this.