Music and drink pairings


A variation of a tequila sunrise made with a little champagne added (back), or a French 75 (front), great to kick back with friends listening to some acoustic jazz

@DarthPool, how bad was that bottled Mai Tai, LOL


Here is a fresh made Mai Tai;:


It tasted like mountain dew and bad booze lol…a fresh one would have been much better…I’m jealous that looks delicious!


Still needs the traditional toothpick umbrella. But looks very tasty.


Latest additions to my other collection, look forward to testing them out with my playlists lol


I find the idea of the Fire & Cane somewhat disturbing, especially with Glenfiddich.


Ha, bourbon barrel and rum barrel aged for a smoke and sweet flavor… I’ll let you know :wink: I’m always on the hunt for unique booze


For me it is rather tasty, I think I could possibly go for another bottle, when this is finished. It has a nice peaty flavor initially but finishes with a nice sweetness. It is sitting high on my list as I sit here sipping on it. I was actually expecting a much smokier profile. I would say one of the more mellow profile whiskies I have in my collection.


I do like sherry cask aged scotch.


Coffee pairs with anything for me.


LOL… I won’t go there because I might get arrested.


I am not a big coffee drinker myself. Too much caffeine ain’t a good thing. We drink decaf at my home. It sends the wife a bit daft so we drink decaf tea and decaf coffee. :grin:.


Decaf TEA?!

That’s just isn’t cricket … or … well … tea!

(I’m originally from the UK … for the first half of my life … and a bit particular about my teas).



I know, but I like my tea really strong and normally put 3 bags in a pint mug and let it stew. Thing is there’s quite a lot of caffeine in tea as well. It was giving me palpitations. Hehe. So my wife said either cut back on the strength or try decaf. It tastes the same to be honest. I think it’s just in the mind. Though I do still crave the real deal.


I saw on news a few weeks back a bottle of whiskey going for crazy money. It was on the BBC. I can’t remember the specifics of it but I went for auction and was sold for big money. Did they say there were only a few bottles ever made or still exist or something along those lines. Anyhow, I don’t suppose it’s for drinking at those crazy prices.


Totally get that!

As long as you don’t start putting milk in your Earl Grey … :wink:


Ah this is the article.

A rare bottle of Scotch became the world’s most expensive whisky when it was sold for a record price of £848,750 at auction in Edinburgh. The 60-year-old bottle of The Macallan Valerio Adami - distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986 - has been described as the “Holy grail of whisky ”.3 Oct 2018


Sacrilege, never.



And I thought the millennium edition was pricey (delicious though)!


Or an unthinking milk and lemon.