Music and drink pairings


Also if you like old fashioneds and haven’t tried this yet get on it!

This one is really good at night whith some good jazz, or maybe some Sinatra tracks.

Edit: had to make one
Using Taylor’s BiB, and some apple whiskey from Kopper kettle

Edit 2: NFB 11.28 -> HD58X Jubilee with this track:

Wow, soo very good, I’ll just keep editing this post as I swap HP and keep sipping on my booze, I have about an hour left before bed time (flying to L.A. tomorrow so no over ears for a couple days, just the Andros and T2s)

HD700 really enjoyed listening to this track and the following:

Onto the HD800:

Liquid, “easy she come, easy she go” “got me feeling like the first time” wow what a great track, as the drink mellows with the ice melt and the haze hits, the tracks become so much easier to melt into.

this came on after and I was about to switch to the Focal Elex…but this pulled me back in and couldn’t walk away, just smooth and easy to listen to. I need to go grab the Elex or my purplehearts for some less analytical more musical listening at this point though…the joys of a half full American Trilogy and a side sniff of bourbon have my brain craving a more musical experience.

NFB 11.28 does not pair well with the Focal at the current jumper setting…it makes it too harsh and bright. Also be very careful when swapping between different headphones, when I swapped to the Focal from the HD800 I forgot to turn the volume down and I hurt my ears lol. Switching to the Purplehearts (mmmm…PURPLE!)

Purplehearts not feeling them right now, I did a pad swap and I think that is the problem they don’t sound as good with the Dekoni Focus pad elites, I had some ZMF vegan pads that were too big but put them on anyways and they really made the Purplehearts shine…might have to put them back on.
Anyhow, back to the HD58x it pairs beautifully with the NFB 11.28 and whatever it’s current jumper setting is ( I still need to open it up and do some tinkering, when I get back from L.A. I’ll play with it some more, plus I want to add an acrylic top so I can see all that beautiful circuitry).

great song just lively and enjoyable.

Real talk, this next track came on and transported me to almost 20yrs ago and breaking up with the first girl I ever loved (relative now that I have wisdom…well some wisdom :wink: ) I love that music can literally transport/create emotion that allows for the recollection of memories good/bad/inbetween, such a great experience, it makes me know that this hobby is not going to go away unless I go deaf lol…not funny =(

The HD58X is such a great lil budget headphone, it solves all that I personally didn’t like about the HD6 series, I haven’t played with the 660 for too long but I think the HD58X covers enough of what that HP can do that I will be satisfied with it.

Back to the HD800 because … well HD800 :wink:

a great underground group local to Seattle, good track love the rhythm and beats, plus the lyrics can hit home at certain points.

Edit after I added this (inebriated typing yay) after the below comments, but had to share: wow this came up and it really is great advice lol…I remember listening to this a lot my Junior year in High School…such a great track.

and a good one to end on, it kind of brings this post full circle, just a great track. Good night, hope you guys got a kick out of the long ramble(ish) journey of some tracks I listened to while loosening up with some good spirits, and playing with a new amp/DAC and multiple headphones.


I’m not particular when it comes to booze:



Hawaii… only just over a month away…I can’t wait to get back there. Once the daughter is older might have to start making multiple trips lol.


where are you staying? I’m right before Waikiki, next to the Convention Center, would be nice to meet others who share this sometimes crazy hobby
David A


Wailea, Maui. We were looking at homes near Diamond head lol we just need to find jobs there and we are set ha! My mom grew up in Hawaii and took us there a bunch when I was a kid. Would love to live there one day but might have to settle for visiting yearly =) We are trying to go to all the islands, or at least stay in different parts of the islands each trip.




“Sort of” watching the Blue Angles from the deck (it’s really only their staging/repositioning/circuit maneuvers I can see from here), with a 56 degree glass of Chassagne-Montrachet supped to Queen’s “One Vision” (watch “Iron Eagle” if that doesn’t make any sense), via the HD820 and a Sony WM1Z was quite a nice afternoon interlude.

And now, it’s “John Lee Hooker” time … which will call for both a retreat from the ambient noise of “outside” (/shudder) and for something significantly more robust and expressive. Perhaps “The Macallan - ME” and the Focal Clear.


I helped run the Seafair event for the USCG a couple years back, pretty fun! I’ll have to dig up some of the pictures from the Command Booth overlooking the races.


There are some of the better ones…I was taking them with my phone at the time so not the best quality


Not bad at all for phone-pics … at least you can tell they are F18s!

Last year we spent rafted-up on the log-boom for the whole day. Long day, but lots of fun. The airshow was definitely the highlight. The hydroplane finals were fun, but not quite as impressive.

Can’t say the quality of what was imbibed was at the same level though, neither was the music … and we had about twice as many people on the boat as was probably sane, but was a fun weekend!


90% of the boats out there are usually way over max capacity…but that is why Harbor patrol and USCG is out there to make sure no one gets hurt =) I agree the airshow is the best part, the boat racing is just loud and only impressive the first few minutes of watching before it begins to get monotonous (might be the constant engine roar lol). Also lots, and lots of drinking going on out on the rafts lol, mixed with lots of sun and it can make for a hazey day lol


Cheers mate! Enjoyed the beach at Wailea, sitting on the balcony listening to some recorded live music with my iFi IEMatch, Razer DAC, Pixel2 XL CA Andromeda combo… I could do this everyday! Maybe in 15-20 years when the wife an I retire lol

Hopefully you faired well during the tropical storm/Typhoon/hurricane that passed through recently.
(I think I’m pointing towards Oahu :wink: )


You really should call out for a fresh MaiTai, and not bottled stuff. Where do they pack the umbrella?


Concur, but felt due to it being a local company I should give it a try. It was not very good, but I had a fresh Pina colada waiting in the bar downstairs.


My faith has been restored.


I’ve always had a sweet tooth so I enjoyed many lava flows on Maui.


I still prefer a good whiskey, but I also have a sweet tooth and love me some quality cocktails!


A glass, or two, of The Macallan 25 yr. and Amber Rubarth’s, “Good Mystery”, from the binaural version of “Sessions from the 17th Ward” …

Or “Novocaine” from the same album (probably my favorite) … which might call for a peatier Scotch and/or something from Islay … and then lead into an evening of Diana Krall w/ LCD-4 … The Macallan ME and, well …


Snowflakes are Dancing, by Tomita (electronic Debussy) and Jura Superstition. Several drams, for certain. Here’s Clair de Lune


I second Amber Redruth along with Jenifer Warnes-Famous Blue Raincoat:20th anniversary edition. Listening to these with a tot of Southern Comfort. Bliss.