Music and drink pairings


Jazz and Scotch. The Balvenie.


I like the Balvenie paired with almost anything.

I so appreciate that nobody has succumbed to alliteration for the sake of alliteration.
Sousa and Sex on the Beach
Sibelius and Screwdrivers
Bruckner and Buckfast BuckyinthetankO


Most of my listening is done while working at the office, so alcohol is a no-go. So for me it is:

Green tea for jazz, classical, folk, acoustic/vocal
Sweet black tea for classic rock, alternative


Ahh buckfast, that is a unique drink.


I tend to sip on whiskey (bourbon/rye/scotch) maybe a rum. On occasion I’ll mix up an old fashion, or a suffering bastard. I’ve found it pairs well with all the music I listen to, because classic never goes out of style.


Decisions… decisions…


What Jameson is that on the left? I don’t think I’ve seen that one before.


I know it may be a little boring to you connoisseurs but I am very partial to a drop of Southern Comfort myself. Not something I do often but every now and then.


It’s the signature version that you can only get at Duty free stores when traveling. The glass is clear and it has a blue label… I would say it has a slightly sweeter/smoother taste to OG Jameson.


I have a lot of memories of drinking SoCo with my brother in Santa Barbara, California… we would start drinking it under the piers at the beach, then once good and warm would head inland to some of the parks and climb up the giant oak trees and just chill up there finishing off the flask, watching the world go by. I haven’t thought of that in a long time, but every time someone talks about SoCo or I see it that is always the memory it brings. I might have to go grab a bottle :grin:


Have you tried Southern Comfort Black? It’s fairly new to Australia, but getting pushed pretty hard as having a less sweet and more bourbon taste.


I’ll have to try and hunt some down, my favourite Jameson so far has been the Young Henry’s Caskmates Collaboration they did with an independant brewer from Sydney.


I too will look out for it. It sounds interesting.


As the signature beverage of Janis Joplin, I will never criticize a taste for Southern Comfort.


Slightly off-topic, but that bottle of Sexton Whisky was designed by my favourite packaging design company, Stranger and Stranger. Everything they do is stellar.

You’ve got some great bottles here, but personally I’d be asking for the Lag 16 or the Bookers. :slight_smile:


My favorite is the Angels Envy Rye! But like headphones, whiskey is a very dynamic drink;) they each have a unique quality that makes them good/great depending on mood/situation/environment.


Have you played with the Banished wine bottles? The AR app is super cool and the history is dope, I was really impressed (and creeped out slightly) by it!


I personally like a nice single malt with my Miles Davis.

Here’s a question: if you’ve had a little too much to drink and went to Best Buy and purchased a pair of Beats by Dre, is the walk back to return them the walk of shame?


That depends on what you were drinking. If you were taking two parts of your Single Malt and adding three parts Coke and one part buttermilk, then shaking over ice, sure.

I believe that Mad Magazine dubbed that concoction a “Spiro Agnew”.


This on a hot day while listening to Taj Mahal and the Hula Blues band from Hawaii, while sitting on a deck/porch/lawn etc