Mr. Speakers Ether Flow



Fair enough in that case. I’m similar in that I like the Susvara and Utopia. I like to try and duplicate what people area hearing with a particular pair of headphones to see if I can experience it, especially if it goes against what I think.

A bit of a derailment, but if you like the AD2000, you’d like the new ADX5000. I should probably start a thread on those if there isn’t one already, rather than derail this one.


A few of my favorites are the Utopia, HD800, LCD-X, Edition X V2, HD650 & AQ NightHawk. I need some more time with the MrSpeakers Voce’. I would like a few weeks with it and the SR-009’s to see who slugs it out for favorite electrostat.


Gonna jump in here;

I own and love the EFC’s - I tend to use them as my reference off of which I draw conclusions about other closed back cans. I’ve also had been able to get a silver dragon for them, and they sound even deeper and more powerful. I’m quite impressed with their presentation and ‘give no sh*ts’ attitude when it comes to presenting improperly produced material.

I’m not here to say they’re the ultimate can; just voicing that I truly believe that they have a strong stance in the community and that in incredibly glad that I do own them.


The Ether 2 is a very nice sounding can. 290g - featherweight light (10.2 ounces)