Moon Audio Black Dragon Cable


Has anyone by chance tried out the Moon Audio Black Dragon headphone cable. Considering one for my Senn HD 800 cans. Looking at a 20 foot long cable. Appreciate any feedback offered.


I can say the difference was better. Im not sure it was worth the price. If “better” is alright for the price, sure go for it. I didnt return them.But it wasn’t outstanding. But by the same token, I didn’t return them. For me, it was just enough. But I wouldnt do it again


Thank you. It was one option I was considering. Appreciate the feedback.


Ended up pulling the trigger on a 6 meter Cardas Cross cable. Long enough to get to the recliner without an extension cable…thanks again.


Congrats. Let me know how you like them!

Just getting to get some Sennheiser ie 800 S, I tested them and they were sweet.


Thanks I’d like to put a set of HD 800S. Hoping a Massdrop version might pop up.


Even though I am getting the inner ear version, the S version of the open full size sounded really sweet.