Monolith Electrostatic Headphone


No details yet.


That’ll be one to keep an eye on!

Obviously the proof is in the pudding, and I wasn’t a fan of the earlier Monolith headphones, but certainly something that’d be interesting to check out - especially given the Massdrop x Koss ESP/95X (and the general good regard for the original).

Be nice to see some more reasonably priced options in the electrostatic realm.


I’m most likely to wait until both the Monolith and Koss are widely available – and then buy used Stax…


Where’s the estat amp? It’s not that small thing is it?


Sure looks like it. The Shure one is about that size isn’t it?


It reminds me of Kingsound stuff. I wouldn’t be too surprised if they’re the OEM but I haven’t heard good things about those.


I would have far more confidence in the Shure’s though. I would love a set of the Shure Estat iem’s.


Available now…


I definitely like the looks of these for an estat, especially in comparison to what is out there (looking at you Stax). I’ve never particularly enjoyed any of the Monoprice products I’ve tried though but hopefully these may change that!

However, if @Ishcabible is correct and they are similar to the Kingsound stuff, that probably will not be the case for me.


My problem with estats too, aesthetics aren’t everything, but I also don’t want to look like that cardboard headphones meme lol


those are nice lambdas. Do they sound grainy?

I think the SR-009 looks great, but way beyond my price point. The Orpheus also looks nice. :slight_smile:


Fair enough and also beyond what I would want to spend on Headphones att. :wink:


I guess that means it’s not too great


I’m impressed he lasted so long not saying anything…my ADD would have been well I’m out at about the 3-5min mark


I used the slider to skim it all – silent for a full 10 minutes! Per the comments, it’s instant meme material.


I still want get them if they are ever 50% off or something


Maybe he should try reviewing them by putting them on first.