Monolith Balanced Headphone Amplifier and DAC with THX AAA Technology


He lives in the general area though other side of the Sound nowadays but maybe some guy delivered your PKG too. :wink:

I haven’t had any issues with mine. Just some annoyances here and there. I will have to check my firmware later tonight when I get home.


LOL! I appreciate the work that he does, heck he measured something for me and sent it back at his own cost, but I agree that publishing these partial reviews is not helpful. He would come across as more objective if he simply subjected everything to the same test suite and reported the findings without embellishment.


I’m on Firmware 1.01, I will stick with my above early impression of it. It is a good standalone amp/DAC and has enough power to run all my headphones. I would be fine recommending it to people with it in there budget range.

Yeah probably was the same guy…I made a stink about it to both Monoprice and GSO and…Shocker they had it out the day after T-day, even though it stated it wouldn’t be delivered until this week.


I also have firmware 1.01. Everything seems okay to me. Button placement could be better. Could use a remote. Everything I’ve written still stands for me.


Wow the impact of amir’s preview has made people who seemingly had no issues with the amp returning it now.


That is unfortunate, especially since he didn’t review it… I think it is a great amp. My only problem with it is it’s redundant for me lol… I may move it to the office but I actually enjoy my NiBL Element combo there…but who says I can’t have multiple options at work though lol


Yeah, it’s a little over the top. I ended up returning a Nobsound DAC/Amp on which Amir did one of these incomplete reviews, but it was actually my unit that he reviewed and I actually didn’t have much use for it in the first place, so was happy to send it back.

EDIT - That said, the unit he got did die on him in pretty short order (perhaps because it was a beta unit, but who knows). That doesn’t necessarily speak to Monoprice running a quality operation here, so if people are nervous about the longevity of these units it’s not completely unreasonable to just return them. Also, a rep from THX actually chimed in on the AudioScienceReview thread and confirmed that THX did not actually design the unit, just provided their IP for part of the circuit. That in and of itself may have spooked some folks too.


After reading it again I “feel” like he did something to break it lol. But I wasn’t there and the whole thing just screams ASR fan boi army attack level of crazy, @antdroid was very brave in posting a positive review on there…let the fan boi threats commence…yeesh.


Well, I mean if it was your actual unit he didnt like. That’s definitely something different. :slight_smile:

Yea, I’ve followed the thread. I can understand some of the concerns. I have shopped at MP for I think 10 years and havent had any issues with their stuff and the one or two times I RMA’d or warranty’d something it was smooth and simple, so I guess I’m basing it off my experience.

To be honest, as someone in the US, I’d rather have to deal with a US-based company for a long-term product than Topping, SMSL, or Fiio or another company that is completely in China. I’ve had a decently good experience with Unique Melody on CIEM but they also have US representatives available too.


I think people are giving far too much relevance to his measurements. You should always use your own judgment. That’s what I have learned if anything from my experiences with different gear. There are always opposing viewpoints and it’s peoples need for affirmation of their purchases that sometimes causes the problems.


Sorry for potato quality…just a quick cover of the display… purple for the win


did you just put a purple transparent film on it? Why not put it on the inside?


I will eventually, I’m still on the fence of what I want to do with this, I might use it dedicated for my PC, as I have a better setup for my Mac listening…Might take it to the office…

When I do finally find a home for it I’ll start taking it apart I’ll put the film on the inside then so it looks cleaner…I did the same film on my JBL 30X and the white dot on the Jot…I might have to do the same for my Mac Mini lil dot…but it isn’t as bright as the others.


@antdroid Film now on the inside…looks good! I’ll try and find time to get a good not at night picture over the next couple days


Potato quality, but I’m digging on the quick change