Meze Empyrean over-ear Headphones - Official Thread



The Meze Empyrean are Meze’s stab at high-end headphones. Meze bringing their unique design to high-end headphones should be a real treat and after trying them out at CanJam SoCal I am super excited to try out the finished product! Anyone else get a chance to try them out at CanJam NYC, SoCal or Axpona?


I heard these at RMAF on several different setups. They had them connected to various high end Auris tube amps. I would describe the sound as bassy and rich. It has emphasized bass, and if you imagine an FR graph, just tilt a straight line down from there into the high treble. I think it is a planar cousin of the ZMF atticus in several ways. I really liked it.

The telling part came when we took a pair over to the zmf table, and hooked it up to a Gilmore light Mark 2 from Massdrop. The overly gooey sound went away and it sounded very clean, rich, and the part I liked the most, not fatiguing in the treble despite having plenty of detail. I don’t think those Auris amps were doing this headphones many favors.

It is definitely unique for a planar magnetic headphone. If you get a chance to listen to it, I definitely would. Try to make sure it’s paired with clean sounding DACs and amps though. I would not say this is a headphone appropriate for treble-heads.