Massdrop "x" (Audiophile)



DIY Audio Heaven has published a review of the Edition XX. Key takeaway for me is that Franz generally likes it, but out-of-the-box it is not a headphone for the treble-sensitive. It has a similar 8 KHz peak to the one that I didn’t like in the HE-400i and a resonance at 6 KHz. Thankfully he provides a schematic for a passive inline filter to deal with the 8 KHz peak, for the DIY-minded amongst us :slight_smile:

The other thing that gives me pause is the combination of low impedance and low efficiency. If you’re dealing with a current limited source, that seems like it could become problematic.


Thanks for the link.

I’m glad I backed out of the Edition XX drop, as I got a good deal on HE-560s. Also, a summary paragraph in the DIY AH review calls for testing before buying:

“Fit and finish, comfort, weight (for an ortho) are very good. It is a bit on the large side from top to bottom. Not everyone will like those very large pads and how they sit on the jaws.”

I get serious jaw pain sometimes when ordinary pads slip down – these are huge and resting on the jaw seems unavoidable.


@pwjazz Thanks for the link as well!

I am very interested in one of these Hifiman headphones, whether it’d be the XX, Ananda, Arya, or X. The size looks a bit daunting, but I am looking for an upgrade from the HE560, whatever that may be (as the HE560 is really really great).


Solderdude has measured a lot of the Hifiman headphones. Based on his measurements, the 560 seems somewhat unique in having more presence than most of the others. If that’s part of what you like, a straight upgrade may be difficult.


Yea the HE560 definitely exaggerates that area and part of it is due to a dip in the upper mids – and coincidentally I also enjoy IEMs like the T2, ZSN, etc that have a peak around there too. That said, I swapped pads to tame that area a little bit (Dekoni Elite Hybrids).


Man…I’m itching for a planar right now and the HE560 open box deal for $320? (can’t remember exact price) is looking good with a HEV1 balanced cable too…but I kind of want to wait for the HE-XX from Massdrop. I also almost picked up that Utopia on Avexchange for $2k…but having the Clears is keeping me sane on that purchase…also looking at higher end DAC and amps…I have the winter time blues and fill it with ridiculous purchase mood bad… ha


Aww, 'Cmon. Pull the trigger on some STAX. You know you want to.


Massdrop CTH - SOLD! Dust catcher. Not a bad product at all, but I was never choosing it over the Loxjie P20.

Massdrop X Noble IEMs (2 BAs / Midnight Blue) - SOLD! I’d rather put Q-Tips soaked in alcohol in my ears and then set them on fire. My KZ ZS10s provide the same ear burning experience for a lower price. [Maybe not worth the effort to sell used…?]