Massdrop "x" (Audiophile)



In my usability experience we’d often have a learning curve with the engineers. After a couple projects everything went smoothly. I was in Silicon Valley and Seattle in the early Web era when everyone was blind.

But even with my own work today, there are surprises after the end users get their hands on it.

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I bought an MCTH once. Waited 6 months for it to show up. Worked for 10 minutes and then blew up.

Massdrop were kind enough to provide a full refund. Fun 10 minutes though.


I created a dedicated thread for the Massdrop THX AAA 789 here.


For reasons that will become apparent imminently, I’ve created a dedicated thread for the Massdrop x Cavalli Liquid Carbon X here.


Just pulled the trigger on the Sennheiser 6XX headphones. When I get them I think I’ll put my HD-580s up for sale. I don’t need both.

The price is too good to ignore. I still have my sights set on the STAX SR-L700s sometime in 2019. Or maybe another of the near top of the STAX line.


I’m in this weird spot where I’m tempted to buy the 6XX just to try them, even though I quite like the 58X and suspect that they’re not all that different.


oh they are different… :wink:


But are they more different than my stock HD58X and my EQ’d 58X …


I would say yes, mostly due to the fact that they use different transducers w/different Impedance. Mind you I sold mine awhile ago…but I remember them being warmer and more closed in sounding than the 58X…More mid forward too.

but caveat to this…auditory memory is pretty crap in humans so take what I’m saying with that in mind. I really liked the 6XX though, and I do think it edges out the 58X ever so in quality of audio…once again from memory :wink:


I have to agree with you. I have recently been listening to my HD650’s and HD58X’s and there is a noticeable difference to me. The Mids are much better to my ears than the HD58X’s. The HD58X feel slightly more open than the 650’s. I would say that the HD650’s are a little more refined. The HD58X is a really great headphone to listen to but maybe just a little rougher around the edges than the HD650. I love them both. I know they aren’t vastly different in the grand scheme of things but there are little differences.


Glad my memory of them wasn’t too far off


My HD-580s are an early set - from about 1997 or 1998. I remember trying to economize by getting the HD 580s rather than the new HD-600. @bret telling me that they were very similar and almost as good.

So perhaps there may be some slight differences between them and the current 580 or 58x.


Yes, I think a better term would be “inspired by” as they do not have the same transducers.


As I understand it, they’re tuned pretty differently too.


I’ve had my HD-600s since before the 6XX was created, so I will probably never buy the 6XX. Given my current DAC, amp, and balanced cable, I sincerely believe I’ve hit the technical limits of the 600 family drivers. The 600s now sound extremely good and go deeper than ever, but have slight distortion around the edges and limited dynamics.

So, they’ve become a relaxing and enjoyable set, and a welcome change of pace. This is even as Focal’s precision blows them them away and as the HE-560s reveal such scary details that I think someone is in the room and turn my head.


I ordered the HD58X recently and noticed that they had 3 different shipping speeds. It’s the first time I’ve seen this before. Is it new? It definitely is a pleasant change and I’m sure based on feedback. Anyway, trying out the $5 3-4 business day option.


look forward to hearing your feedback on this option…I saw it recently too, but didn’t have the need for a Mech key to be in my hands sooner than later lol


Shipped today (first business day back from holidays) and FedEx says arrival is Friday. Not bad!


Out for delivery! $5 to go from 2-3 weeks from jersey to Seattle TO 2-3days is worth it.