Massdrop "x" (Audiophile)



Some people here just list their gear in the profile summary.


I guess I could list my gear in my profile… But then I would have to remove that awesome poem… But point taken I’ll try and get to it later this weekend. My gear isn’t as extensive as others but pretty diverse…


This is more or less why I thought that it’d be nice for there to be an area specifically for gear, a switchable tab perhaps; I’m of the opinion that a profile landing page should best be used to represent the individual who “owns” it, regardless of whether they choose to express themselves through rambling prose or awesome poetry.

Doesn’t mean we can’t tack on a gear list to the bottom, but that’d not look neat.

All that said, it’s still nothing more than my opinion, haha.




You could have left the awesome poem. :wink:


Fair…but it is a good suggestion…and I can always add another quote/poem/etc… Plus now my audio peen is out there for measurements lol


I took a trip to a local store and demoed a bunch of headphones today–then canceled out of the Hifiman Edition XX at Massdrop. Too much waiting for too much of a gamble.


Yes it’s a heck of a wait. I was excited to see these drop but thought better of it due to the wait and the fact that these will be the first run of them. Any problems and they’ll show up on the first run I would imagine. Still they do look tempting when you consider that you could in fact be getting a great deal on a great product. But… I just couldn’t bring myself to go with them. Maybe next drop. Did you see any that you liked?


Please see my notes in the Elegia thread…quite a variety and it doesn’t fit here.


I find it interesting that many people think Schiit and MD are competitors (for amps and dacs). Maybe, but their business models are so different. Example, might someone buy a MCTH today over a Valhalla? Sure, but then how many Valhalla have sold because the MCTH drop was over or hard to decode? (assuming they’re choosing between them of course)

Further, the more people that are building great, low-cost, DACs/amps. the better, as it grows the overall pie and both companies benefit from the rising tide.

Anyway, just a thought on how I think MD is benefitting the market (and us) as a whole


I think part of the reason people speak of MD and Schiit in the same breath so often (aside from site politics) is that both companies, at least WRT MD’s “original” offerings, are among the best value propositions you can get in this hobby nowadays short of finding a DIY kit at a discount.

I’ve only ever heard the one Schiit Multibit DAC (and love it) and have opted not to purchase any of their amps for the sole reason that I don’t think their sound is what I’m looking for, but it’s hard to overlook what they’ve done for the hobby as a whole by offering great products at competitive prices (or so I’m told). Massdrop, on the other hand, by virtue of their collaborating with a wide array of different manufacturers don’t have a “house sound” to speak of. This is great because it allows all sorts of people a freedom of choice you don’t really get with Schiit, short of SS v tube and multibit vs sigma-delta; yes I know there’s a lot more nuance to it than that but that’s too much to get into just now, haha.


The Massdrop x THX AAA amp is now available with daily drops. Very tempting.



Yea I saw that. That’s why its super tempting. lol.

I kind of do like the Monolith version with dual dac/dual amp too.

It would be cool to have another DAC option that matched the Massdrop amp aesthetics. So far the only one I’m aware of is the Airist R2R DAC which isnt available to buy right now.


I highly recommend the airist R-2R DAC! I’m also waiting on the monoprice combo unit though…


I kind of have my eyes on the RME ADI-2 DAC right now. The R2R probably wont be available until at least March for a daily drop thing.


I would love to get this but at the moment I just can’t afford it. Maybe nexyt drop. Been waiting for this to drop. Never mind. Such I am audiophiles lot in life.:hugs:


Surprise package came today! The Koss KSC-75X. I forgot I ordered these! :slight_smile:
I’ve own a dozen of these KSC clip-phones in the past. They are great to tinker with. This franken-phone is a Apt-X Bluetooth module courtesy of KZ attached to the KSC-75X

I’ve had the Porta-Pro X for a while now too. I’ve modded it a few times, but just swapped out cable today again.


Nice, how do they sound?


This showed up today … a couple of months earlier than the drop indicated (and per @antdroid is now available from stock for immediate shipping) …

On low-gain the THX AAA 789 is hiss-free with even sensitive/low-impedance IEMs until you reach the very end of the volume travel - and even then you have to listen for it to detect it.

On maximum-gain, via the balanced output, it’s got enough juice to deliver a properly authoritative performance with every headphone I own excepting the Audeze LCD-4 and Abyss AB-1266 Phi CC (both of which like lots of power and headroom to show at their best). Not that it doesn’t sound good with those two cans - it does, they’re just not at their best here.

Very nice pairing with the MrSpeakers AEON Flow Closed as well.