Massdrop "x" (Audiophile)



Massdrop is fine for brand name knives, but almost never cheaper than Amazon, EBay, or Gearbest.


Not all mine, but here is the Massdrop X Cavali and Airist stack. @Torq when you get these back you should stack the Grace SDAC on top too lol


These things have a chalkboard quality to them that shows up in the top picture, also they collect fingerprint/finger oil like crazy! I wish they had more of the Airist RDAC finish.


Also I used a silver paint pen to fill in the volume knob indicator on my MCTH.


I’m surprised the Airist isnt the same color as the other MD amp/dacs


The finish on the RDAC was updated to be less of a smudgy fingerprint magnet than the original MCTH and LCX. Newer units seem to be a closer match - and I believe new production (since the RDAC was finalized) have the same finish.

If you look at the pictures I have of my MCTH and LCX, both bought right after I got the Airist DAC to audition, stacked with the RDAC, you’ll see they’re a LOT closer match than in @DarthPool’s shots.

I’m not sure when he picked up his MCTH, but the LCX in that shot is definitely an earlier copy - from the original drop (the one in my pictures at the links above is a different, newer, copy).


Yeah I never noticed it until I took those pictures. Good to know that future purchaseers will get a cleaner finish. So far I’m really enjoying the MCTH and R2R DAC the best, they compliment each other very well!


The difference in finish is definitely more visible in pictures.

I will have to see if I can get Christian or Will (of Massdrop) to pop into the thread - as they can say more about the future of such things.


That could make for a fun conversation, and insight!


Lovely eye candy @DarthPool. I bet they sound as good as they look too.:slightly_smiling_face:.



I want to buy myself a balanced Amp at some point in the near future. The Cavali liquid Carbon X looks interesting. But I need to research things more. I love the R2R Dac you have but it was a little out of my reach at the time. Headphone wise I am in a happy place now. I need to start to up my Amp and Dac game.:grin:. I know what I’d like but simply can not afford to lay out a few grand at a time. The Phonitor X that @Torq had is a wonderful piece of kit by all accounts as are the Benchmark bits of kit. There’s so many I think the best route would be used.



I was definitely interested in the Airist R2R but after reading more about the “controversy” surrounding it, I decided to just wait and see how reviews go on it later. The price is right though. I’m not sure I totally need it though. I’m pretty satisfied with my DX7 for now.

I just read some early reviews of the Planamic IEM and now I’m pretty sure I made the right choice of removing myself from that drop.


The R2R so far has really good harmony with tubes (MCTH, and Bottlehead Crack). My favorite combo right now is R2R and BHC (acronyms aren’t they great lol). I’ll hopefully have a review ready of the R2R in the next couple weeks.


I’m running into a problem with my current setup location though…my wife and daughter can hear the music from my open backs (HD800/Elex) while trying to get listening time for reviewing at night…time to rethink where my listening battlestation belongs in the house.


Have one in many rooms and then… you can just go where they are not. :slight_smile:

Or better yet, a transportation cart with a power strip that you can plug into any outlet.


Ha, yeah, multi-story home rules the cart out…I think I might pick up an older Macbook and move my purely audio setup to a more discrete area. I’ll be trying to figure this out while also maintaining “happy wife, happy life” :wink: need to make sure she approves of location and how it looks if it is anywhere people might actually see the spiderweb of cables lol. I usually keep a pretty tidy cable setup, but as I’m getting more an more demo gear it is becoming more about quick connect/disconnect…this might take some thinking…maybe expand my garage workspace to also be a good music space…hmmmm will need heater for winter and A/C for summer. 1st world problems lol so ridiculous…


OFF TOPIC WARNING! Close your eyes, @Torq
I agree, Happy Wife Happy Life is a big concern. Fortunately she likes the look of these:
Now if I can only find the budget…


My problem is the same really. Though I live in a 3 bedroom house my self and my wife are in one my son in another and at the moment my elderly mother in law in the other since she became unwell we have been looking after her. My daughter is currently away at university but when she comes home it’s really difficult. Hence I literally have nowhere to put my gear. Luckily my mother in law is moving into sheltered housing in the next few weeks. Still space is at a premium. I need to win the lottery and buy a mansion. :grin:.



Don’t we all! Lol


I will have to start doing it regularly though. As they say ‘you’ve gotta be in it to win it’.:grin:.