Massdrop Sennheiser HD58X


Oratory1990 is an Austrian acoustic engineer with after-hours access to professional measuring equipment who creates EQ profiles for popular headphones to the Harman target. He has posted an index of his EQ profiles on Reddit. The list includes a profile for the HD58X, with which I’m listening right now (with an addition +3 dB at 12500 Hz because I’m old and like a little air up there).

  1. It sounds very nice!
  2. It sounds clearer than my custom EQ profile
  3. Vocals sound just a tad more “right” than with my profile
  4. It sounds less warm than my profile (perhaps a touch too cool)
  5. I detect a little sibilance
  6. It sounds perhaps a tad laid back

Here’s how the two profiles compare on my E.A.R.S. (highly zoomed in scale)


Yes Oratory1990 is a wealth of knowledge and a valuable asset. Am I able to input his EQ settings into Neutron ok?



Yes, I used them in Neutron.


So, I succumbed … mostly due to all the fun “you guys” were having with your “live” back and forth on listening impressions (etc.) with these things, and the re-appearance of these on the “Massdrop Made” (immediate availability) program.

And they showed up last night …

My first impressions are: “Holy head-clamp!

I’ve got several HD650 (spanning from launch until last year), an HD6XX, the HD660S - all of which have similar looking headbands … but I’ve never felt head-clamp like this on a HD5XX or 6XX series headphone. No doubt some judicious headband-bending will help out there.

Beyond that … this is literal first-impressions … maybe an hour of listening while I am giving the new Focal Elegia some play-time.

So far (see above disclaimer) … sonically … these are really nice. Tonality seems to be right down the middle of the HD600 and HD650. Micro-dynamics are lacking a bit (something I find is the case with the HD700 and the HD660S - at least compared to the HD650). There’s some treble grain, which is ameliorated somewhat by flipping to the Cavalli Liquid Spark vs. the Magni 3. Sweet spot might be the Vali 2 here.

Will have to try them with the AudioQuest Dragonfly Black, Red and iFi Nano iDSD Black Label (NiBL).

Right now, just using the Massdrop x Grace SDAC, Monolith Cavalli Liquid Spark and the HD58X … well, it’s hard to fathom that this is a $337 setup:

(Excuse the quick-action-shot).

More to follow, I’m sure …