Macrodynamics, what is it and how can it vary?


well with differing altitudes comes physical changes to the body also, which would affect how you hear things. Think ear pressure, you can take experiences of popping your ears while flying in a plane for instance.


Typical cabin pressure at cruising altitude is about the same as outside air pressure at around 7000 feet, so it’s significantly different than what most of us flat landers are used to.


Yeah, I grew up in the mountains, and can definitely say as a kid playing soccer tournaments with the “lowlanders” we had a distinct running advantage. :wink:


Fair enough, but living with higher gravity gives us the better muscle mass :wink:


I do have some chicken legs…


What I don’t understand is how Old Pulteney, which comes from Wick, so close to the coast that it’s practically in Norway can be a “Highland”.


I’m glad you asked this, as it caused me to learn something new. After doing a little bit of “research” cough Wikipedia cough, it seems that the “Highlands” is actually the whole northern region of Scotland and represents as much a distinct cultural unit as a geographic one.


Yes, I found that out several years ago while doing some Clynelish “research”


Beautiful place is Scotland especially the Highlands. They get very remote and it takes a hardy person to live there. Famous as you guys already know for it’s whiskey amongst other things.