Loxjie P20 Balanced 6N3 Tube Hybrid Amp for under $100


I bought these 5670’s from Amazon. None currently in stock

As far as which do I prefer? Don’t know yet. I am leaving the 396a’s in until the socket savers arrive. These are just too difficult to swap as there is very little to grip above the amp case. I do remember I liked the 5670’s quite a bit and initially was not too impressed by the 396as. They may have broken in though. The bass guitars are clear and articulate. The drum solo from Moby Dick (led Zep/Bonham) was there with all of the detail and tones. Apparently I’ll be swapping sometime between 02/15 and 03/24 Ebay/China shipping time.


Post just sent before I read this one. Fantastic/helpful information here! Basically, you’ve anwered all my questions here. Much appreciated.


Reviewed my tube collection and the emails at the time of purchase, couldn’t find the 6N3P-DP (even while on the email and order specified 6N3P-DP, all were 6N3P-EV).

There are no 6N3P-DP in existence from what I’ve researched, only 6N3P, 6N3P-E and 6N3P-EV versions.

In my tests -E and -EV versions sounded basically the same.

Noticed also sound improved a lot after one week of using the GE5670s; they sounded great at the beggining, some slight harshness with bad sources that was gone after that week of usage: smooth and silky. Detail improved too.

Not saying 6HN3-E are bad at all; but on Loxjie P20 circuit (I haven’t measured nor analyzed anything) definitely the GE 5670 make a significant difference in sq.

This rig (SRC2496 - Loxjie P20) has me mesmerized with its sonic rendition, incredible articulation and detail.

BTW my SRC2496 unit is from 2003, bought it second hand, apparently newer production PCBs are different and doesn’t use AKM4393.


I have a pair of the 6N3P-DR in cyrillic it is: 6Н3П-ДР

When i bought the unit I was running it with the newer (green label) GE 5670 and was much better than the chinese 6n3, but was still a bit sterile sounding. Upgraded to the 50’s GE 5670 3 Mica and instantly became much smoother while still detailed. Took some of the harshness out and have more airy treble. Going to try the 6N3P-DR and 50’s WE 2C51 tomorrow to see if it makes a difference.


You’re right… https://www.radiomuseum.org/tubes/tube_6n3p-dr.html

The tops remind me to the 6H30-DP.

Can you post some pictures of the -DP ones you have?

They seem to be of similar construction to the GE 5670 triple mica, but for the full sized “bottle”, probably copied:

Top Left: 6H3N, Rest: -DRs


From left to right… mid 50s GE 5670 3 mica, 70s GE 5670, late 50s GE 5670, 6N3P-DR


all this tube talk is making me want to buy more tubes.


:smile: hahah…

Wow those are genuine reflektor ones… let us know how do they sound!

Just realized I didn’t finish my -DR order, hence why they’re “missing” from my collection :frowning:


Still love the 50s WE 2C51 the best though. Trying out the 6n3p-dr now.


whar o whar did you get those fine looking socket savers? I went with cheapos from china which I will inspect before using


i have cheap black plastic ones that i stacked and taped them together (as you can see in the equipment photo).

I also have these cheap metal chinese ones (as pictured) as well: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-x-Gold-ECC83-12AX7-12AU7-6CG7-EL84-6BQ5-6BQ5-plated-tube-socket-saver/283165860505?hash=item41ee002299:g:GD0AAOSwYM9bnzcm:rk:27:pf:0

Lastly i also have the Tubemonger savers. https://www.tubemonger.com/NOVIB_Socket_Saver_1960s_NOS_British_McMurdo_B9A_p/novib-mcmurdo.htm

Honestly, they all sound the same to me… haha.


Just ordered the “GE 5670 3 mica square getter TUBES” from ebay…and a P20. Small $$, hoping for big fun.


Did you get it from the seller from twn? i bought a pair from him before as well, he sells the non JG version, and overall matching isn’t the closest, but its more than good enough to use. There’s another seller selling the JG (military version) one’s that’s better matched.

So the 6N3P-DR is working quite good, it’s actually more similar to the 3 mica 5670 than it’s not. Bass is slightly better than the 5670 3mica, but sacrifices some of the treble details the 5670 have. For the price the DR is a rocking deal… Will still need more listening to see if there are other differences, but the fact I need to do that tells me they are closer than they are not as mentioned.

I’m liking the 3mica JG 5670 so much I just put a pair into my iCan Pro. Will transplant a pair of JW WE 2C51 1950’s into my other iCan Pro.

My P20 is turning into my tube testing machine lol.