Loxjie P20 Balanced 6N3 Tube Hybrid Amp for under $100


I just picked up the P20 and am loving it paired with my Mimby and Focal Clears. In fact I like it better than my MCTH, which will probably get sold now. Question for those of you with the amp - how does the volume control feel? Mine is a bit loose. The knob will wiggle a bit. I’m wondering if this is normal and due to the multifunction nature of the switch or if I possibly have a wonky unit.


Shhh!!! That’s going to drive down the price of my MCTH on the second hand market! :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, I just set up an A/B switch partly to compare the P20 to the MCTH. No chance to test yet. The P20 is definitely much more tube-like.

Mine wiggles too. Perhaps 2-3 mm in all directions. I think it’s normal due to the push button function and I never considered it an issue.


@dpippel is going to ruin my “For Sale” MCTH now! :slight_smile:

Seriously though, mine is for sale because of this amp. :slight_smile:



I’ve also got the THX AAA 789 coming my way next week for a slightly different matchup.


My current stack, with the MCTH receiving by far the least use:


How do you like the 789?


The 789 is very clean and powerful. I nicknamed it “The Sand Blaster” as it removes cover for source and headphone flaws. As others note, it can be a bit harsh (or probably undisguised) on the high end. It’s only been here for about a week, so I’m still testing.


Here’s my P20/CD/AAA-788 stack. :slight_smile:

There used to be a MCTH in this stack and it would have matched size better. But MCTH is now in living room in the pile of stuff going for sale. (selling off my entire living room audio and downgrading to something much more compact and smaller - possibly wireless in near future)


Damn it…I guess I’ll order one tonight…ye bastards!!!


Lol. You can try mine out in a couple weeks.


Yeah I’ll resist, I need a dedicated portrait monitor for home first anyhow…


Hehe I was just thinking the same. I haven’t looked at the cost yet. How much are these? It’s ok just looked at price. Very reasonable indeed. Mmmmmmmmm.


Yeah they sit nicely in the budget of no cares just order lol…but I’m trying to cut down on some of my stuff. But if this is “better” than the MCTH I might have to jump on it.


I have to agree. But I don’t want to continually keep buying all these cheaper Amp’s I eventually want a bit of quality. Not too expensive but maybe a balanced solid state Amp. I will see. Maybe around £500 to £800. But not just at this moment but in near future.


Be VERY careful in basing quality on price in the audio world! The correlation is weak after a certain point.


Because self control is stupid…


I kind of wish I got the red one…


Congrats! You only live once, and $99 won’t kill you.

I performed my first “A/B/C” testing of this unit over the weekend (per the Douk/Nobsound/Little Bear Mini Switcher). My initial findings:

  • The THX AAA 789 is powerful and clean enough to bring out everything across the low and high range. Tubes are not needed for warm headphones at all (e.g., LCD2Cs), and the amp really highlights details with the HE560s (e.g., violin bow rosin sounds that totally disappear with the Elex on the 789).
  • The MCTH bumps the bass and warms everything up, but top end is relatively dead/lacks clarity and detail. This can be a good thing with harsh recordings.
  • The P20 bumps the bass and generally matches the tone of the 789 on the high end. It’s tubey in the details though.

I was swapping headphones pretty rapidly and need to take my time going forward.


It has purple leds in the tube connection…that is all anyone needs to know…go buy one! :wink: just listening for a couple songs and color me impressed… I’ll A/B with my BHC tonight after the lil monster is in bed`


Purple is the best color. :slight_smile: