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On a slight tangent, and out of pure, morbid, interest (possibly coupled with an idea about organizing a meet-up) … how many of you Jazz fans have been to the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans?

This year is the 50th anniversary of the event, so it’s bound to be spectacular. When New Orleans celebrates anything it’s generally magnificent (I’m still finding beads from this years’ Mardi-Gras).

My fiancé (who’ll be my wife by then) and I are going. We’re both sort of the more-the-merrier types for this sort of thing. If there’s enough interest I’m sure I could see us organizing something. And even if interest is only moderate then at least making arrangements to get a group from here together.

Just be aware, if you’ve never been before … its a fantastic city, but carries the very real risk of coming back a lot fatter than you went out, with possible liver issues, and a burning desire to return.

To avoid derailing this thread … if you’re interested shoot me a private message and if appropriate I’ll create a suitable topic for discussion/organization.


I grew up listening. My Mother taught classical guitar and piano, and had a masters in Music. She’d listen to John Williams and would then play her renditions. Although the flashier stuff is very well known, I very much favor the Sor studies.

Oh, the flashier stuff… Compare John Williams and Andres Segovia on Albeniz’ Leyenda

I can’t get over Segovia’s technique. Absolutely superb.


Thank you for sharing I will definitely look into these artists. As you say the technique of some of these musicians is astounding. It’s amazing the emotions that can be brought forth with an instrument.



Thank you. Please note my edit of the first artist. I left out the last digit of copy and past, and instead of Sor Studies by John Williams, it said BIZ EURODISCO UK electronic synth pop.

Not my intended link!


Hi Percy…Thanks for sending me The Miles Davis/Sketches of Spain recording. I loved it! I have not listened to a lot of Miles Davis because I have mistakenly keep remembering the later stages of his interpretative efforts(Jazz Fusion etc). “Sketches” was made in 1959/1960 so I guess Miles was moving towards his later “Fusion” work. I have also been interested in Spanish Music especially Spanish Classical Composers. But,again, thanks for the Spanish Miles. I really enjoyed it.


Ok… I will very simply just put down what type of Jazz I like. I tend to be more of a traditionalist. Soloists…Louis Armstrong,Ben Webster,Coleman Hawkins and right through today to Wynton Marsalis. The Big Bands-Basie,Ellington,Kenton. Vocalists;Ella Fitzgerald,Billie Holiday right through Rosemary Clooney,Diana Krall,Abbey Lincoln,Nina Simone,Sarah Vaughn,Dinah Washinton. There are so many others.


Kay Kyser’s College of Musical Knowledge
The Glenn Miller Orchestra
The Andrews Sisters
Benny Goodman
Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey
Henry Mancini
Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66
Pink Martini
And this wonderful early appearance of Frank Zappa (who later got very jazzy)


I’ve been listening to Bitches Brew by Miles, much later more ‘fusion’ I really like this incarnation
of Miles.
Also early Al DiMeola has some very interesting jazz/spanish fusion, if you’re into the heavy guitar genre.
And the Sting LP is one of my all time favorites.


Hi… Percy. Thank you so much for Miles Davis/Sketches of Spain. I have listened to it over and over. I love it. I’m still working on it.


**Sergei Rachmaninoff quotes

  • “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” ― Sergei Rachmaninov. …

It can be overwhelming…???


One of my favorite bands, GoGo Penguin, recently did a tiny desk concert. It’s incredible!


I have really enjoyed the Live In Cuba album from the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra.

Check it out and let me know what you think of the mix.