iPhone Audio Player with EQ and Headphone Profiles?


Just the fact that when I start the music, go and use some other apps and then come back and I’m still inside the playlist is like having the pebble taken out of my shoe.


Hmm. Today all my playlists are gone… that’s what I get trying for to leave the walled garden. :tired_face:


Oh no! Are they still available in iTunes?


Oh man, I’ve had that happen before too. It’s is very frustrating.



Yeah, just wiped from my iPhone. Could have been the iOS 12.01 upgrade though. I was also using iTunes match so I took the opportunity to stop using that and go back to syncing with my Mac, I was surprised that some of the iTunes match files were pretty bad…


I’ve been pretty disappointed with the quality of Apple’s software lately. I’ve been using Macs for close to a decade and an iPhone for a few years, and recently each update seems worse than the last. The most recent update broke the cell service on my wife’s iPhone. She seems to have been able to fix it by reinstalling the OS and recovering from a backup, but when you’re putting out updates that keep a “phone” from making or receiving phone calls, something is not quite right.


Yeah, I skipped over iOS 11 and went straight to 12 for my iPhone 6 and that ended up being the right move. I’m with you though, it’s not as bulletproof as it used to be. I still have a hard time with them selling Beats…


That’s appalling really. There’s always internet chatter when every update comes around and quite a bit seems to be negative. I know that there are probably millions who don’t have problems but surely with Apples resources they should be able to iron out these Major flaws. I know you can’t eliminate all bugs but when your phone update buggers up your phone then it’s a poor do.

Perhaps it’s that they are cramming in too many features now to the detriment of a phones basic functions. I love my iPhone 6 and would not upgrade at all unless I were forced to. Which Apple always does by one trick or another. There’s always Android I suppose.



I don’t plan on installing a music player outside of Spotify on my iPhone 8 but it is nice to see that this area has improved over the years. For the longest time, you couldn’t even play FLAC files on iOS. I still use Android for my personal phone but iPhone for work, and have an iPad for couch potato mode.

For android, I have been a user of PowerAmp since its conception. I really like the look and features of it. The developer went MIA for several years but came back with a new massive update this year. I haven’t used it enough to know if I really like it since I’ve been primarily using Spotify or a DAP lately but now that I have an android DAP I may try using it more often if he incorporates support for the Pioneer/Onkyo series. For now, it looks like Hi-Res is offloaded to the snapdragon DAC instead of Sabre.

It looks like Sonarworks truefi mobile beta is readily available now (?) for android so I may try that out later.


The Sonsrworks for Android really interests me. I would love to have a go on my Dap.



Ok. I am listening. I am reading. I have been sticking to iTunes for various reasons. Does this depend on other items in the download/purchase/ listening “highway?”


On install Neutron does a file scan to find all the audio on the device if that’s what you mean?


Ok… I admit. I listen to “new music to me” through Iphone>Headroom Airhead>Sennheiser HD 600 and I am happy. I will not go on a quixotic search for better sound when the music is what matters.


everyone is the protagonist to their own stories, for me half the fun is playing with new audio gear/technology :smile: Music is important but also everything else that plays into the delivery of it. Fascinating stuff…


Hey Darth Pool…take a look at this. Music being made today with 100 year old technology. https://www.wqxr.org/story/watch-two-opera-stars-record-their-voices-edison-wax-cylinders


IMHO… for me… it’s 80% percent music,20% percent technology.


That was cool! Amazing how they did that, just a trip seeing that and thinking…how did they think that up?


Hmmm… I noticed a fair amount of jitter on the female voice, along with some compression of dynamic range. Obviously, if they had used a better grade of parrafin, and perhaps mixed it with 12% beeswax from Brazillian honeybees that were fed by the orchids that grow in the region of Manaus. The horn of the recording cylinder, if replace by a silk frame, doped with Yellow #41 from the Pratt & Whitney aeroplane works would have been a better conductor of sound waves. Likewise, in the reproduction horn, the paint appeared to have been hand applied with a common horsehair brush. It should, for best practice, be applied by medium-brown angle cut camel hair (not dromedary, but real, two-hump camel), using black forest lacquers, then dried for at least 60 hours in an ice house…


This has me ROTFL!


Wet playing with Unicorn tears is totally worth it regardless of the extra price…