IOS and Android Players


Yeah, that is my other problem…time…and putting it towards figuring out all the ins and outs of these apps when there are systems that just work. I really like Foobar but I probably use 20% of its capabilities…


Yes I agree. I mainly got Neutron for the great equaliser it has. All the rest was a bonus for me. I used Foobar on my IPod Touch and IPhone. It’s a great program.


I tried Hiby player too, which I thought was the most accessible, and with the most sleek interface. But I’m getting a Hiby DAP soon so figured I would dive in on it then.


Nice. You’ll have to let me know how you like it. I’ve heard a few people mention getting Hiby daps.


Which one are you looking at getting? I have just looked up the latest one the R6. It looks like a very well specked Dap. More Upto date than my recent purchase. I honestly never saw that one in the mix. Oh well never mind. I am more than happy with mine.


I kickstarted the Hiby3, which should be in the mail out to backers in the next week or so. I liked that is was a smaller form factor. Once I get it and have some time with it I’ll throw up an impression/review (though I’m not sure how I’ll do one for a DAP).


Yes it is a little difficult thinking about reviewing a Dap. Where to start? Anyhow, It does look to have great specifications very Upto date. Great price too. It seems to be very well received.


Do it dude. Apart from a somewhat clunky interface (and no EQ compared to the desktop version), it does everything I’ll ever want to do on my phone.


Neutron user here, the parametric digital EQ alone is why I stuck with it. All the extra features were/are just gravy!


I grabbed foobar for iOs but forgot about the iTunes BS (ie no drag and drop) so am going to have to decide if I want to bother with the Apple madness.
I have a 64 GB iPhone 5 that could be used for music but simply cannot stand the aggravation involved with an iTunes “library”…we’ll see :roll_eyes:.


Someone posted about this on the Neutron forum. When you connect your device to your PC, in the device ‘Settings’ submenu in iTunes, there is a ‘File Sharing’ option. From there, you can select the music app (foobar, for example) and you will see the document folder for the app. Drag and drop your FLAC, APE, WAV, etc. files there.

No syncing with the iTunes library. Only the specific files are transferred. I used this method for Neutron with no problems.


Thanks; I was reading up on this and your “get to the point” explanation makes things easier to understand :wink:


Does anyone know if Neutron Player on iOS can access albums downloaded with Tidal on the same iPhone device? I was hoping to fiddle with EQ.

I also have Roon controller on the phone. On my Mac, I see that there is some EQ available with either Tidal or Roon — I’m new to both, I forget which. Is something similar available on the phone app?


I’m happy to report that Neutron still works well with my V20 after upgrading to Android 8 Oreo. It’s still using the Hifi Quad DAC as its output and I haven’t noticed any usability issues.


The only player that can play downloaded (offline) Tidal content is the actual Tidal client.

I believe that remains true on the desktop, also.

You can’t setup/edit EQ for Roon on the iPhone, but if you setup your iPhone zone (endpoint) on your Mac, and specify the DSP/EQ you want for that zone there, it will be applied when you do replay to your phone.

All actual DSP/EQ processing is done on the Roon Core, and then the processed audio is streamed to the endpoint. This allows for much simpler, lower-power, endpoint implementations, as they don’t need the CPU grunt to do all that heavy processing.


That was enlightening. If I decide to play with EQ. The ROON connection sort of limits me to listening at home where the Roon database/transport is.


On my Android 8 phablet with UAPP TIDAL, and the xDSD

UAPP may be acting up. After working several times without incident. It seems to not want to actually play. I have gotten DAC buffering messages, and once or twice an error. Tried rebooting. Plugging DAC in and removing it.

Settings in UAPP show that I have the MQA piece, and I am on my Droid phablet opening UAPP and then choosing TIDAL.

Something is just techy. (Not TEK-y, but Tech-y as in hillbilly for “touchy”)
Bitperfect is showing.
Sound is not coming out of the DAC.


And now it seems to be working again. Maybe my home wi-fi is stronger. Maybe the gravity well is deeper. What was happening is that the song would simply not play. I tried the Dragonfly, it worked. Then I put back the xDSD, and it also worked. Plays non MQA fine (but in bit-perfect mode, according to the app, so I need to go to the hardware volume (needed with the Dragonfly)). Parenthetically speaking.


Sunspots… Unless there was a great disturbance in the force.



To everyone in this thread…Thank you!!! I never thought of an app like this for my phone, always using the old clunky one that came with the phone. Now…it’s like discovering there’s another flavor ice cream besides vanilla!!! I’ve very very glad I drifted through the threads and found this one.

Andrew, you asked me months back, my opinion of the community and how it was developing. I’d say the forum and it’s members have exceeded all of my hopes and expectations. Time and again I’ve received excellent advice, learned what I hadn’t expected, and found new ways to make an intense hobby even better. It’s because of this forum and it’s members. Thanks folks!