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Hi from Watts Oklahoma. I have always enjoyed listening to music with headphones but just recently have begun to learn more about getting the most out of them. I appreciate any advice that I can get from folks here who have much more experience than me on the topic.
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Welcome @gwiseman have fun. It’s a friendly place and it’s a great place to learn.



LURKERS! Show yourselves. Say hello! We don’t bite - we’re very ecumental. Or something like that.


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Hello. My name is Anthony! I am an audioholic and gadget nerd and I am in the middle of snowpocalypse (i.e. 3 inches of snow in my city)


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The snowpocalypse!


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Greetings from Head Frog in USA. Enjoying my so-far short time here. Over the years, had the whole gamut of hi-fi, from the usual Pioneer/Sansui/Yamaha ‘bigger-the-better’ gear to some (stupid expensive) hi-end Cary Audio etc. Pioneer Elite, though, was some of the most beautiful equipment dating from the mid 1990s. Downsized to apartment dwelling which is refreshing and has led, maybe paradoxically, to some of the best listening conditions I have ever had. In the last two years unloaded some of the last of the ‘big gear’ and streamlined. Living room shows a Nobsound MS 50D integrated with Topping D-30 DAC to vintage - @ 1995 Swans Baton speakers - highly desirable at the time for SE tube rigs…and equally desirable now it seems… The Nobsound is a beautiful piece from Ali and I have enjoyed tube rolling. It streams internal Bluetooth but I stream Spotify now through a (one of the last) Chromecast Audio pieces, digital optical to the D-30. Looking to add a NAS and link personal files though Spotify has most. Hope they go hi-rez. I was nervous about the amp purchase but it went flawlessly and performance to date has been perfect. It looks like a $5k domestic piece and feels substantial and high quality. I think these Chinese amps - some - are now on their game and if not, I don’t have a ton invested in them.

Office/personal room: Darkvoice 336, I did the Fitz mod. It finally got quiet. Chromecast Audio as well here through Fiio D3 DAC. APPJ PA 1601A amp which I have had almost two years and has been wonderful. It has gotten panned on reviews but was my main amp for awhile driving the Swans. It costs under $200! It streams through WIFI and has worked perfectly from day-1. Just streaming now using internal DAC. Powering MICCA MB42-X speakers on stands @ 36." I enjoy tube rolling all amps - currently in the APPJ are Telefunken EL 84s and Westinghouse 6AK5/5654s from my birth year of 1953. Fun, but had to be good tubes first!

On all rigs you’ll see a trick cooling fan setup thanks to Amazon. USB powered also managed by a USB timer to run for a period after shutdown. You can see timer display under the Darkvoice. Cheap help for the tubes and virtually silent.

To the iems, currently new into that but have Yinyoo V2, BGVP DMG, CCA-C10, KZ-ZSN, and some 5yr + BOSE noise cancelling which are great for travel. Also older BOSE QC-something noise cancelling from several years ago, and Thinksound ON2 …one driver of which is blown after a new tube sent a blast to the left channel on power up. Learned my lesson, thankfully on a $90 Massdrop set vs some $400 rig. I have CCA-C16 on order from GearBest and KZ ZS10 and AS10 and Revonext QT-2 from Ali all awaiting end of New Year break. These iems…so much cheaper than speakers and most headphones. Wasn’t sure I would like them as much as I do. But I think I will need to throttle back and learn what I have after the incoming ones arrive.

Enjoy mostly chill, vocal trance, house, jazz, Elian Elias and can’t seem to stay away from The Kings of Convenience - wonderful, kinda quirky Norwegian duo which I have seen in Oslo and NYC…last production together was 2009! But they work their way into your head.

I am not typically a big web-poster but I’ll check in from time to time.

Cheers…Head Frog




Oh Boy! I’ll bet you have plenty of stories and gear experience to share. I’d bet you’ll find some nuggets from us well.

Welcome! Glad to have you. :sunglasses:


Thanks Andrew for making this community here i must say it would be more interesting if everyone shares their opinions regarding best bass headphones in this community


Campfire Cascade…or Fostex X00 purple hearts


Hi @HeadFrog and welcome. You’ve taken some terrific pictures. Very nice.


Hi there! Just stumbled into this forum and reading the Focal Stellia thread I thought that’s a good way to talk to each other. Not a commercial thread (like on head-fi) and also not cynical (like on SBAF). So I created an account immediately :smile:
I am listening with a Calyx M DAP and PP8.


Welcome @newernow. Great to have you here!


Welcome. This is very friendly and helpful forum…


@newernow You certainly have come to the right place. Our community certainly forgoes the crap of lots of other forum, and intends to at the direction of our leaders. They indeed know the meaning of forum where exchange of ideas are important so that we further our listening and gear experience.

Everyone is allowed to be at their own level of experience and impressions, without the risk of flaming and shaming. I’m sure there is lots we will learn from you and hope you will from us.

Welcome aboard and hope you will stay. Tom


sdxxx <---- that was my cat typing “welcome”