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Welcome Jurgen. Welcome to our forum. Hoping to learn from your experiences, as well as you from ours.


My poor experience with the Bose QC15 was a simple one: it is bulky and a pain in the neck (literally!) when moving between flights. I once did that from Calgary-Toronto-Amsterdam-Paris-Casablanca. A small set of earphones which you put into your shirt pocket is handier.

I use my QC15 regularly…but not for music. I have a neighbour running a hot tub, which unloads a steady 120 Hz tinnitus onto my home office…which can drive one insane as the source and the receiver are stationary…like a dripping faucet. The QC15 filters this unwanted frequency out quite well.

What is good about the QC15 is that it takes an AAA battery…my unit is from 2010 and, so I hope, will last forever. Newer models have a non-replaceable battery and their lifespan relies entirely on the battery’s lifespan: planned obsolescence. That’s why I don’t consider the Bose nc earphones.

As to both sound and nc capabilities: the Bose QC15 are great on an airplane, in terms of nc and comfort they beat my Audio Technica ATH-ANC7B.

In summary: the only thing I dislike about NC headphones is their size in confined spaces.




Bloody hell, chaps … we just found Batman! :bat: :bat: :bat:





120 Hz…but isn’t editing encouraged?


I don’t know about “encouraged”, but there’s no reason not to edit a post if there’s an error in it or you want to tweak the way it reads/clarify something.

In this case, I just thought I was being funny.


But I didn’t get the joke because I hadn’t gotten my mistake. And yes, I received an automated message that editing is encouraged…may be part of the forum’s software.

Q: about this forum…it is headquartered in the Pacific NW? Because I was in the belief it is operated out of Vancouver, Canada.

By the way, what I find really good is that there is a name attached to each Avatar. It can sound comical to go to a manufacturer’s site and find the citation of a review by toasterbob57 or grungekid03.


I’d say editing is encouraged in the sense that a) it’s definitely preferred vs. making a second post just to correct or add something to an earlier post and b) it isn’t discouraged.

As long as people aren’t starting bun-fights and then retro-actively editing their posts to disrupt the discussion/troll then it’s the preferred way to amend a post/thought etc.

As for where the forum is “headquartered”, I believe it is formally registered in Vancouver, BC (you’d have to ask @andrew or @taronlissimore), but that’s part of the Pacific NW anyway.


Hello to all, I’m Wiljen most places and Audiofool on Facebook and my blog. As Brause succinctly put it, I’m one of the grumpy old guys reviewing audio gear. Always in search of good stuff, but lots of snake oil, garbage, and outright fluff to dig through to find it. But I enjoy the hunt.


@AudioFool welcome, glad to see a fellow CA Cascade fan :wink:


Welcome Audiofool . Look forward learning from you.


Hi everyone!
I write as darmanastartes on reddit and Head-Fi, and Bedrock Reviews on Medium. I’ve been into headphones and home audio for most of my life but I only became active in the online audio discussion scene in the last couple of years. I’m in my mid-twenties, so young compared to some of the other recent Head-Fi migrants.
I was disappointed by the way the Head-Fi admin team has handled a number of issues and I’m hoping that this forum will be a better outlet for me.
I’m less into full-size cans after moving into a space that allows me unrestricted speaker use, but I’ve been steadily expanding my collection of in-ears.


@AudioFool and @darmanastartes – Welcome! Its nice to see some familiar names from the other forums. Look forward to your contributions!


I think I’m one of the founders of the grumpy old guys club here. I will review at gunpoint, or if a big enough carrot is placed on the stick. (e.g. the words “Core Team”)

If you want into the grumpy old guys club, first you have to check with the procrastinators. If you ever get around to it.

Harumph! Welcome to all of you who remember patch cords, and Sinclair computers. Ooops, Altair S-100 bus sustems, Nope, I mean had a slide rule.


I took an Analytical chem course in college where the only acceptable form of calculator was a slide rule. I know well how to use one to this day as a result and that was now nearly 40 years ago.


Hello Wiljen and welcome.


Hi @darmanastartes and welcome.


Welcome to you. Glad you’re aboard . Can’t wait to hear about your gear and music journey.


Oh yeah, “Back in the day”.