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@pennstac Oh, I know. Consider me thoroughly chastised. Cheers


Repping New York! Hola


Possibly a new alternative to ??
You can find me by the same username elsewhere : )


Johnie from Austin,TX here. My first purchase from was around 15 years ago. I became an audiophile while living in Germany in 1998 (my Dad was stationed there in the military). I saved my money and bought a pair of B&W 804’s and soon found that parents and neighbors don’t appreciate late night listening as much as I do. Go figure. So I bought a set of Beyer Dynamics. I can’t remember the model, but I loved them. They were my first non crappy headphones.

Also, I really appreciate all the honest and unbiased reviews. I’ve told friends over the years to check out the site because whether it’s a $20 or $2000 pair of cans you’ll hear if they are worth the money or not.


Nice seeing a fellow Austinite. Willkommen!


Hello headphone audiophiles. I’m new to the group. I recently lost a pair of Shure SE425’s at the gym. :sleepy: I’m looking for a replacement set of IEM’s under $400. Any advice. The Shure’s were fine, a little bulky, sound was perfectly fine but didn’t WOW me. I’m considering another pair unless there is something better. I’m considering Westone W20’s, Etymotic ER-4XR’s as well. I listen to mostly jazz, classic rock, blues, with some hip hop, pop, classical in pretty much that order. Like many audiophiles I listen to a bit of everything. Would be interested in everyone’s opinions.


I really love Airbag and Bjorn Riis’ Solo albums a lot. Bjorn is from Norway and used to be in a Pink Floyd cover band. Airbag’s style is very similar.


I joined a while ago but never introduced myself. I am a long time audiophile (over 50 years) and have always enjoyed headphone listening.

I am 65 years old and have been working in the computer industry since 1974. I have over 35 years in software development and over 10 years of software security experience. Currently I work as an application security engineer and provide static code analysis for a big US government agency.

I work from home 100% of the time and get to listen to music under my headphones with my dog around my feet every day. I collect vinyl records and have recorded thousands of tracks from those LPs and stored that work in 24/192 FLACs. The rest of my music comes from downloaded high resolution files or some Redbook stuff ripped from CDs.

I have all of those files on a NAS box on my home network and play it all back via Foobar 2000 with kernel direct support and use the following on my work setup:

  1. Toshiba 17 inch laptop w/24GB RAM and 1.5TB SDD internal storage.
  2. Schiit Audio Wyrd USB filtering box
  3. Schiit Audio Modi Multibit DAC
  4. Schiit Audio Loki tone controls
  5. Schiit Audio Lyr 2 headphone amp w/Philips 7DJ8 tunes
  6. USB cables are 0.5 meter Pangea Silver USB
  7. All ICs are Kimber Heros w/WBT connectors
  8. Headphones are Focal Clears

Yeah I am hopelessly stuck in audiophile land. The Kimber Hero ICs cost more than some of the Schiit Audio boxes. It is a screwy hobby.

Downstairs I have my main stereo rig that is focused on playback of LPs.

You can find my stuff at

I am divorced after 26 years of marriage and have 3 kids. They are all grown and on their own but my oldest son made me a grandfather this past month. Pretty cool.



Welcome Ed.



Welcome jfour.



Welcome to you Jfour. Look forward to learning about your headphones and equipment. :wink:


hi Jfour, welcome to you …


Will need to check this out. Thanks for sharing. :grinning:


Bjorn, the guitarist for Airbag, has a website called as well. He’s like a freaking Gilmour historian. It’s amazing. Talks about gear, and technique to get that Gilmour sound.


Hi all.

Found the forum through another site @Torq is on. Thought I’d hop over here and see what is going on.

Looking forward to some good discussions.



What? @Torq has time for another site? We will have to look into this.


I’ve posted, at length, on many sites over the years. Most of my time is here now - participation other sites is mostly just chatting with people I know there that aren’t here.


Torq mentioned on this other site that he pays some street kids to do his posts here so he can read sailboat magazines all day. It’s true. I have pictures.

(Not true. =P I have no pictures.)


So, that’s how he manages it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi everyone, just like @ProfFalkin, I stumbled in from SBAF. I mainly lurk and enjoy reading Torq’s reviews, which is why I joined here. The more I’ve been around and the more (expensive) gear I hear, I realize I still have a lot to learn. I like reading posts that offer contrasting opinions and may not necessarily follow the mainstream.
I look forward to interacting with everyone.