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Welcome from a fellow Prog Rock fan (Dream Theater FTW)!

It’s funny what’s considered “low budget” in this hobby. You seem to have a high quality and well selected assortment of equipment. BTW, how do you like the F9 Pro?


Does the Sirius XM “Yacht Rock” commercial (on Sirius XM) annoy you fellow prog rock fans as much as it does me?


Can’t say I’ve heard that one. I saw some of the yacht rock parody videos on YouTube and found them rather amusing, but that was mostly poking fun at Loggins, Messina, Hull, Oats, etc.


The F9’s are very good for the price point. I really like them. They work well all across the board musically.

I have 56 year old ears with minor tinnitus.

A decent new to me band to check out is Djam Karet


Welcome to you WS . Got to “Love” that Dap Fiio X5 III . Pack a lot of options in it. Although Fiio tries hard to work bugs out as it has in tries in many firmware update, it’s still my go to Dap . I really enjoy it.


Hey guys, This is Joe, akariceman I am Asian. I just graduate from Kent state university in this summer. I like running , camping , cycling. Also I like power-lifting. I go the gym everyday. pretty much no days off. Most of time I listening music with all type of sport headphone. I’m here to learn and share. I wanna learn more information about the all type of headphone. Not only sport headphone. And I hope I can get some honest buy advice from this community. Because I like to buy headphone. Lol


Hi , i am new here, just in the process of buying Sennheiser HD800S to go with a HDVA600 headphone amp. I am a little nervous as it has cost a lot of heard earned money. But feel this could be my end game with headphones. I will using that set up with Astell & Kern AK320. If anyone has advice of suggestions before I pay on Monday that would be great. I listen to a wide range of music from classical to rock and pop. I also have a subscription to Tidal.


Hi Gaz and welcome. I am sure you’ll get some great feedback from the community as there are some friendly and knowledgeable people around the group.


Hello. Didnt know this site existed! :slight_smile: I go by antdroid on headfi and minotauri on reddit.

Currently own a bunch of headphones led by the HE560, Audeze Sine, and Unique Melody ME.1 iems


Welcome to you Gaz. The more the merry. This is a great forum to exchange ideas. No flaming here ( I hope ). I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi antdroid! Glad to have you and look forward to your thought and ideas about our hobby.:sunglasses:


Hello from Birmingham in the UK! As a 10 years head-fi’er it’s great to find a new forum to join… and a really slickly designed and well written one at that.

Looking forward to getting more involved!


Welcome to you Crezo. I also have been on Head fi now almost 12 years. My hope is that this new community stays the way it is. Friendly, knowledgable, engaging and a wealth of experienced members. One thing I love here is no flaming others who may know less than very experienced enthusiasts. I hope you enjoy this friendly forum as I do. I hope we learn your valuable experiences as well as we learn yours. :sunglasses:


Hello from Groton, CT! Younger guy, and the name’s Eric. I grew up in a recording studio that my father operated out of our house in NY. His resume included studio time with SRV, Van Halen, Jan Hammer, Al Di Meola, and others, so you can probably infer that I was introduced to the audio world at a rather young age.

Ryan (post 16) invited me to join this community, so shoutout to him. Looking forward to discussing everything headphone-related on this forum. Cheers!


Great attitude. Sounds like we will benefit from experiences. I hope our experiences will be valuable to you too. If your looking for a polite headphone forum with loads of information, you’ve come to the right place.
Enjoy and " Welcome " :smiley:


Most welcome sara…:blush::blush:


@WSikorski You should check out Agitation Free Second and Strawbs Grave New World. My two most recent discoveries that I am quite enamored with. Cheers
… and yeah, welcome aboard.


Will check them out. It’s kind of amazing the number of new prog rock bands that exist in Europe. 80’s hair bands still have a concert circuit. A friend of mine is the bass player for the Philly area band, Heavens Edge. They have concerts this summer in the UK and Sweden.


@WSikorski Prog and Metal definitely runs strong in Europe. BTW, those two suggestions are from '72 (?). So it’s some old stuff.


@z0rk Watch what you’re calling old. I graduated high school in '72.