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Hi Folks, Jim here from the sunny Bahamas! I’ve worked as a pilot for 33 years, much of that internationally. So I got into headphones in a serious way in the early 1990’s in order to listen to music while “on the road.” I was tired of compromising my listening during my travels (where I really had more uninterrupted listening time) compared to my high-quality home audio setup.

I discovered Tyll Hertsens and HeadRoom about that time and purchased my first travel rig with a Supreme Headroom amp (complete with it’s massive 4D-Cell battery pack) and a pair of Etymotic ER4’s. I was sorry to read of Tyll’s recent retirement from headphone reviewing. Those of us who appreciate the current state of the headphone “world”, owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for his involvement in pushing headphone equipment and community to where it is today.

I look forward to reading many interesting discussions here!


Very nice! He will be missed but not MIA Welcome!



That was exactly my first travel rig, all packaged up in their custom bag (the name of which I forget).

Various portable CD players drove that over several years. Sony first; Panasonic/Technics last, and at some point a Mini-Disc player tucked into my laptop bag as well.

Made those long-assed flights so much more relaxing …

Nine Beethoven Symphonies, and a decent nap, between continents … priceless (for the day).


Hey! I had the same setup for a while (except a different model Etymotics). One of the best times I had being stuck in an airport was with that setup, along with a double espresso mocha and a science fiction book with an occasional break of watching snow swirls out the window.

Peaceful nirvana!


I’ve been a little up to may elbows with our son’s final year in high school and graduation day, but look forward to spending more time here mostly reading and learning from others about headphones. I’m not only interested in sound performance, but also intrigued with the esthetic design aspect as well. I’m a long time guitar player and enthusiast and live acoustic ensembles is my favorite type of music to listen to. My goal is to not only be a learner, but to eventually contribute some things here as well.


I’m a little too young* to have travelled with a CD player but I love flying with my iPhone and Etymotic HF5’s.

  • I am old enough to have owned a minidisc player though. Really cool technology that never really found it’s footing before mp3 players burst onto the scene.


Don’t get me started with cassette based walkman units! :laughing:


Man now I feel old. I had so many cassette players and walkmans growing up. I remember my very first Sony CD Discman:

And that was BEFORE there was anti-skip built-in so you had to like hold that thing flat and gently like a baby haha. Looking back on it these portable Discmans were funny devices since they were far too big to be pocketable and you could’t even just hold it in your hand normally while walking. I also remember not even being able to let it sit on the car seat while on road trips because it would bounce around and skip every few seconds.

And I also used to have minidisc players as well. I was really sad that technology didn’t take off. It was superior to CD in every way and they were able to record before CD-R writers were a thing. It just came in at the worst possible timing after CD’s were the gold standard and right as mp3 downloading was the craze. I probably miss my minidisc players more than any other portable devices that came and went.

This guy was a legend:


You’re not old. This is my first walkman:

And before that I used this:


Actually this was the unit I owned:

(When dinosaurs roamed the earth)


Greetings from South FL. Last pair of phones I owned were pre-historic Stax SR-3 from early 80’s. I am getting back into the game since retiring last year. Just ordered a Lyr 3 (6SN7) DAC/Amp and a pair of Sennheiser HD 650. New to Spotify and digital /PC based audio in general. Have a lot to learn and this looks like a great place for help.


Welcome racerbob. Looking forward to learn and teaching each other about our experiences and impressions.

Hold onto your wallet



Too late for the tight grip here. Will be giving Schiit a good slice of cash when they build my stuffed Lyr 3.
Maybe it will save me from buying a tube amp and Maggies for my visitors to enjoy.


hi, my name is james wood and I am new to this forum. I am here for sharing my knowledge with the world and get also.


Hi James. Welcome.



" Welcome James " Aren’t you the guy who just got booted by his agent in Hollywood because of his political views? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

" Just fooling " Glad to have you here


Hi, everybody! I 'm glad to be here!


Hi Sara, everyone’s really helpful on here. Enjoy.



:sunglasses: Welcome to you Sarah. I hope you find it awesome here for you. Clean, healthy non-flaming full of help and learning. From us to you and you to us. Have fun and " Happy Listening "


Joined up back in May.
Currently a low budget music listener.
Dap - Fiio X5 III
Amp - Tangent Pimeta v.1 w/ Treads PS. and a CMOY or two.
Headphone - Sennheiser HD580
IEMs - Fiio F9 Pro, Shure SE215, Shure SE425

My music choices range from medieval / renaissance to present. Jazz and classical are my everyday listening as well as anything by Tangerine Dream. I’m also a “Prog Rock” fan.