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Welcome to you. I can’t wait to learn from each other.



What’s good people, I’m Marcus and I hail all the way from Malaysia, might be the only person on this forum from there :stuck_out_tongue:. I started out back in 2014 and have been going strong ever since. My love for music was cultivated by my uncle and I’m glad I have that going for me.


Welcome to you Marcus. Glad to have you. You’ll find a warm, friendly community here. Enjoy . :sunglasses::sunglasses:


Thanks for the warm welcome. Good day to you too.


My name is Michael


Curious on how things will evolve here. HF has reached a sort of Panglossian equilibrium, where all gear seems to be the best in the best of all possible worlds, while SBAF is heading full-steam in a very unclear direction. So interesting to see what direction HP will be taking…


Hello from Brownsville, Texas!


Welcome to you JNIEVES Looking forward to your experiences and impressions. This is laid back, informative,and friendly community.



Mark here, checking in from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.


Welcome to you kanex
Cherry Hill NJ Awesome! I’m from Newark but don’t tell anyone that


I’ll be sure to keep it really quiet!


Hi Mark.

Same neighborhood. I’m in West Deptford.



Hey Joe, I used to work at the Canals (now Super Buy Rite) on 45!


Great to have you here @keanex




CEE TEE from Massdrop, checking in. :headphones:

Clean looking site…and some good conversation already!


Because they were cheap. That was my excuse at least. Pretty decent quality, but eventually the left one broke.

My oldest original purchase. Fantastic built-quality.


Greetings from California!


Welcome to you VenturaRoyal Glad you’re here. :sunglasses:


Hey CEE_TEE, good to see you here!