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Great to have you here!


Hello from Australia.

Fairly new to “good” headphones, and I’m liking all the new sounds I’m noticing and the way sound signatures can change a song.

My wallet isn’t so keen on my new hobby though…


Hello Everyone in the headphone community! I’m glad to be a part of this! I own 10 pair of headphones in all different styles and price points. I’m here to learn more about headphones and hear about everyone’s opinions on the brands they own. I’m in Pennsylvania.


Hello from London, everyone! Excited to see this community taking shape.

I’ve been serious about headphones for about 20 years now. I’ve been an avid stereo guy since my early teens, but I got into cans as a way to listen to music without disturbing the neighbours :slight_smile:

Current setup is half-tube, half solid-state with Senn HD650s, Fostex TH-610s, Beyer T5p Gen 2s and various IEMs.

I look forward to some pleasant and informative chat and am happy to give advice where I can.


Welcome to you CanDo. :sunglasses:


Hey guys, I’m new here! Seems like a nice place.

I have listened to headphones forever, but really only get interested in the community and better headphones within the last 2 years or so.

In terms of headphones, I own Utopia, HE-6, ZMF Auteur and Eikon, HD800, HD580, LCD-2C, TH-X00, and MDR-1000X. Way too much stuff, it’s silly, but I kind of love it. Many of these don’t get much ear time anymore, but I have no great reason to sell.

And a picture for good measure:


I’m another from Hawaii, where are you located? I’m on Oahu, right next to the convention center

Here’s a picture that I took many years ago but its still applies today:


Hi, Malcy from London/Essex here. Looking forward to learning more about headphones, headamps and other related equipment.
I’ve just bought a pair of MrSpeaker Aeon Flow closed, replacing my ATH-W1000’s, after comparing them with the likes of Senheiser 800, 800S, Focal Utopias and others. I’m hoping for advice of which headamp I should match them with. At the moment I’m considering the Hugo 2 or, when it comes onto market, the TT 2.
Advice on other amps would be much appreciated.
Once again, looking forward to communicating with like minded enthusiasts.


Hello from Bay Area, California. I got into this hobby in earnest only this year, but I have learned so much in just a few months. What I’ve been most impressed by is the depth of knowledge that people in the audiophile community have and their willingness to share it. Current setup is Topping D50 (just arrived, not yet tested) -> Massdrop CTH -> HD600. Or just Samsung Note 8 -> HD600, which is surprisingly good.


Hey David! Great to see you over here. You’ll probably recognize me as “givemetacos” in head-fi. Glad you are checking this forum out too.


Nice! As a fellow Minnesotan, hopefully you’ve been enduring the hot weather.

The MN Head-Fi meetups have seemingly died, but we should really try to plan something soon…


Nice to see you here also :sunglasses:


Hey @DeeCee, I like the 45 adapter icon. I think I still have a few of those new yellow plastic ones in some records left at my 90 year old parents’ house. And I have some of the older metal ones too.

Interesting phones, too. I still have my Etymolic ER6’s and elsewhere here I talk about my beloved but broken Sennheiser PX-100s and what a suitable replacement would be. Hint - don’t try to wear headphones and a halo vest at the same time.

And finally mid-level Grados. I’ve listened to high end Grados, and own the entry level SR-60e, and have often considered pulling the trigger on the 200 or 300 level phones.


I still don’t know why I bought those.

I already had the ER4-S and a Headroom Supreme for travel. For some reason I wound up buying the ER6 and the HeadRoom “AirHead”. Never managed to get useful bass out of those. Never really wound up using either of them in preference to the ER4-S/Supreme either … mostly on account of neither of them making the overall CD-player-fed system usefully smaller!

The ER4-S remains the longest-standing audio product I’ve ever owned. I had it for pretty much 20 years before I upgraded it (to the ER4-XR). Amazing.


Wow! Sounds like our ears are relatively aligned! If you are to go for a next Grado I suggest that you get the 325e; it seems like the Grado line is best when you get “every other” model . I got the 225e because I was made a really good deal; I was looking for 325e’s at the time.

I use the different phones for different environments: Grados for detail, PX-100s for street (when I need to be aware of surroundings), Etymotics for noisy environments.

The PX-100s do seem delicate and one of mine have died (I use my wife’s as a backup).


I originally got the 325e and sent them back after a few weeks since they were a touch harsh and sibilant in the highs and ended up with the SR225e. After a few months I did some mods to the SR225e and loved the sound so much when for the RS1e but since it was the original release which was not very good ended up sending them back also and got the RS2e which is still a favorite of mine.

I’ve had 5 pairs of the PX-100ii but it was only for the drivers to use in SennGrado builds. One thing that many noted was that they were not very consistent in sound quality so there are not many that are using these PX-100ii drivers build these Grado clones anymore since there are many more alternative drivers from Nhoord, Symphones, Elleven Acoustica, and Turbulent that are much more consistent in quality and have a better over all sound.

@pennstac, I’d suggest trying different Grado ear pads with your SR60e since the pads change the sound a bit but since we all hear differently its hard to say if you’d like the changes or not. For me its a comfort issue that I started to look into alternative ear pads since the stock L-pads are a bit uncomfortable for me.


Hmmm… when I reviewed the 325s they were actually the “i” version; by the time I bought them they had upgraded to “e” and I never auditioned the 325e models.

I never owned the PX-100ii, I have the original models and I did hear of problems with the new release.

I did like the RS2e (which I did hear) and I like them as well; I can’t justify the purchase as I don’t do as much phone listening as I did in the past.

Maybe there is a fairly significant diff between the “i” and the “e” high end as I keep hearing reports of issues with the 325e… maybe I just lucked out by getting the 225e!


Greetings all…
From the comments I see above I seem to be one of a handful from the UK on this forum. It promises to be very interesting, even if I may not have as much time as I would like to go through it.

I’m one of the older [originally] analogue guys on here have started my headphone experimentation in the late 60’s, to the sounds of Hendrix, Tull, Zeppelin, Beatles etc… and then to really throw the cat in amongst the pigeons, Walter Carlos (Moog), Bert Kaempfert, Les Paul etc…

Since I can remember we had a tape recorder in the family, and I spent much time experimenting with that, which led me in a recording direction, and near misses, along the way, of employment with Neve, Virgin (Manor mobile), and SSL, preferring to instead follow my career within telecomms and datacomms (now much the same thing!). Looking back they were certainly some missed opportunities!!

So in my hobby and semi-pro past I’ve dabbled in audio for theatrical sound, PA, recording multitrack and binaural, quad, 5.1, radio production, and most recently streaming.

It’s not so often I use headphones for general listening these days, however I still do use them when recording and mixing, especially as I predominantly record in binaural with a home-brew head, but also put placed mic’s into the mix. Therefore the issue was finding headphones (at the time) which gave a good representation of a mix, that also sounded satisfying when listening on loudspeakers (though true binaural is not intended for speaker listening it is often possible to make a compromise that works on both for the typical listener).

To that end I have HD650s for critical detail listening and general tonal balance, HD380 Pro for good isolation but with clear detail (and warm bass), DT100 purely for good isolation in testing recording situations.
I also found the cheapo Sony MDR-ZX110NA noise cancelling headphones quite good during flights, but of course nowhere near the quality of the Bose units most frequent travelers seem to enjoy these days.
I’ve also dabbled with numerous pairs of ear-buds, which always promised but never delivered, and also (as I have small ear canals) would not sufficiently anchor in.

Lastly, like many, I’m now experiencing the “joys” of tinnitus, which come and go (more the former), and often prevent any form of critical listing. My posting on this subject though shows something of my observations toward reducing the effects, other than the excellent OTICON units which can be tuned to help this and other impairments.

That’s about it for now, but please feel free to contact me at any time.


A warm welcome to you. Sounds like we can really benefit from your experience. Looking forward to your posts



@andrew Mshenay here on the Southeast Coast! Excited to see a new community pop out! I’ve heard nothing but excellent feedback about your site from customers, so I’m confidant you guys will really go a long way in creating yet another place for all of us Audio Lovers to come together!!