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This discussion about headphones has piqued my curiosity. Since joining, I have increased my headphone listening. It’s kind of fun.


Hi folks, thanks for inviting me in. Jay from Ohio, USA. I’m primarily a 2 channel high-efficiency speaker guy, but got into headphones about 15 years ago and have a pretty decent investment in them of late. Looking forward to learning from you and sharing my findings with everyone.


Looking forward learning from you as well. Welcome! :sunglasses:


@Torq told me about this place. Hopefully I can help make this an awesome headphone community! I can be found on Head-Fi or SBAF (or most audio forums) with the same name.

I’ve been in this hobby for about a decade and have an on-the-side review website called Basshead.Club.

My real life job is that of a game designer, and music helps fuel my creativity and productivity at work while providing cathartic enjoyment at home.

I’ve been known to delve too deep in my hobbies, so I modify a lot of my gear toward my preferences by replacing components and the like.


Great to have you here!


Greetings everyone,

Norwegian headphone-nerd checking in.

I was brutally forced into headphones by spawning my offspring.
Enjoying it way too much these days though, so it’s all good.

Hope this can be a good community, looking forward to seeing you all around here.



Luckbad . I look forward to learning and sharing with you. Welcome! :wink:


Welcome 55Powers. Great to have you here. All long as we all put respect and willingness to learn and teach in a civil way, this community will exceed good. Recently loved Copenhagen on vacation. Can’t wait to visit Norway sometime soon. :sunglasses:


Greetings and salutations,

Seattleite here, started with an addiction to low-fi gaming headsets that blossomed into full fledged audiophile. Current favorite listening cans are modded HD800/700, Fostex Purplehearts, and both M1060/C both modded. I am also breaking in my ears on the new Focal Elex. All being run through the JDS Labs Element and EL DAC.
I look forward to being a part of the community.


Greetings from Europe!

I’m very new at this headphone hobby, but I’m very fascinated by it and eager to learn more.

I too started with gaming headsets but evolved to Beyerdynamics DT770s and a sound card, and now I feel I’m ready to ascend to real hi-fi.

I’ll try not to ask too many dumb questions and just read and absorb the knowledge I’ll find here.



There are no dumb questions. We are here to share and learn from each other. Welcome aboard MartinXYZ


Hey everyone,

I am 2 years into this hobby which started when I tried on a pair of my buddies DT-770 pros and realized that my ipod ear buds where just not cutting it. I’m excited to join this community because I feel I don’t have the vocabulary to talk in other more critical forums.

My current lineup is as follows:


  • Audeze LCD-2c
  • Phillips X2
  • HifiMan HE-400i
  • Sony MDR-1000x
  • DT-770 Pro


  • Aune X7s
  • DarkVoice 336se


  • ifi iOne


Great to have you here @DarthPool


“I am excite” I’ve been looking for a nice community like this, I look forward to seeing how it grows and being a part of it!


I just missed the initial grouping and I believe my note about myself never got through. So here I go again. I am one of the real old timers. I live in lower Manhattan on the 20th floor of a co-op but no one has ever complained about the music being too loud. I have lived here for 46 years. Nevertheless, all of a sudden I have a great interest in earphones and headphones. I have the B&W 6, Oppo 1 and the Audeze LCDi4. I just couldn’t help it when I read the reviews but as long as my wife did not object I bought them. I do have Martin-Logan Ephius (?) speakers and Marantz processor and amp. Hope to learn more about earphones from your knowledge of these great devices.


Hello, on most audio forums I go by the same name as I do here (misterwhales). I am well into this hobby, with my focus coming more to the portable side of things, although I have lately gone into headphones quite a bit more than I used to. I’ve owned my fair share of high end gear, but am always ready to try more. If any of you have gone to any socal meets lately, odds are we’ve crossed paths. Its a pleasure to meet you all.


Those are pretty decent cans for the price point. Welcome aboard.


@I_want_all_the_tacos suggested I check out this forum, so here I am! I go by oxtoacart on Reddit but mostly pwjazz elsewhere. I’ve been deep into this hobby for less than a year, and have focused most of my exploration so far on transducers and less on sources. My main headphones at the moment are Beyerdynamic DT 1990s and on the go I’m mostly listening to KZ ZSTs. I’ve got JBL LSR 305’s in my office and a Yamaha receiver with Pioneer Andrew Jones speakers and subwoofer in the living room, but for solo listening I usually find myself gravitating towards headphones for whatever reason. I’ve also acquired a MiniDSP E.A.R.S. measurement rig and have learned Room EQ Wizard enough to be dangerous with it!


Hello my name is Richard, nice to be here.


Howdy from San Antonio Texas! This is my name on reddit/sbaf and I go by JEarly410 on head-fi. Been in this hobby for 3 years but have been around/among live music and musicians for over a decade.