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Hi from Julian in Cambridge, UK. Found my way here via your Twitter post, I often work long boring nights at weekends so looking forward to some intelligent conversation to keep me awake!

Regards to all.




Welcome sir. Great to have you here.


Falling asleep on this forum certainly will be hard to do


Thank you, looking forward to meeting and sharing with everyone.


Hi, Nacho from Madrid, Spain! Glad to be a part of this forum. I enjoy headphones at work and at home, mainly planar magnetic ones. Always looking to discuss and learning about it.


Welcome @nachito . :sunglasses:


Hi everybody, greetings and salutations from the UK. I love the new forum. I look forward to contributing and taking part.


Great to have you here Paul!


Thank you very much @andrew.


Welcome Paul . Another fine member. happy%20headphones


Hello All,

I’ve been a member of Head-Fi for a while (matthewhypolite) and i’ve been invited to this new community.
I have some pretty high end headgear that i’ve collected over the years, and recently upgraded to a high end tube amp, just enjoying the tube experience lately.

I look forward to having many fine discussions about this hobby of ours :smiley:


Welcome! It’s great to have you here.


Ufospls2 here from Reddit/headfi/SBAF. Really looking forward to seeing how this community evolves :slight_smile:


Hello, checking in from London (UK, not Ontario!), the 220-240v wastelands.


Hi everyone, checking in from Ohio. Looking forward to seeing how this forum develops!

Props to whoever realized having a dark theme enabled already is essential :).


Hello boyos!

Especially nice to see you fine chaps here! :wink:


Who are you calling “fine”, you reprobate? :smiley:


Good point!

I blame “auto-correct”.

That’s my story … and I’m sticking to it!


Thanks @Carmantom!