Intros: If you just joined the community this is the spot to introduce yourself


What’s up from Texas :grin:


Oh I guess I should post here. Name is Conor Brennan, been into headphones for about 2-3 years now. I play percussion so expect a lot of percussion music. I’m in HS so I’m too poor for this hobby always. :sweat_smile:


I’m retired and I have news for you - you’ll NEVER afford this hobby! :cry:


Objective truth

I can dream


Hello from Maryland. I’ve been around since the Headwize days. This forum looks like it will be welcome return to a user-driven interaction.


::yoda mode:: Wise he is. Perfection you will never afford.


I’m from Thailand. I’m looking forward to learn from the community on the sound, pros & cons of headphone and accessories.
Great to be part of the community



Greetings from the land of mobstta and lobsters, scenic RI USA the ocean state.


Thx 4 the invite - looking forward to enjoying and contributing to the content :v:

Traveller - Genève * Melbourne * Miami * Wien


Hi all,

Honored to be part of the group. Writing from Raleigh, NC but originally from Ireland. I lived in a small house, so I’ve been a headphone listener for many years. Looking forward to learning from all you good folk.


Gee that really IS a small house. Welcome.


Andrew invited me to join, so I guess I should introduce myself.

I see a few familiar names from Head-Fi, so some people will already know me.

I started in the hobby before it existed, back in the early '90s. My father had a good speaker system, and I took some of the bits he didn’t use and built my own. Of course he, being a classical listener, didn’t like hearing my modern music while he was working (at home) and so when we were at the hi-fi store, I suggested he buy me a good pair of headphones.

Amazingly I came home with a AU$200 (at the time) pair of MB Quart QP55s, which I still own! For many years, I plugged them into my computer not knowing any better. When I moved to Japan in 2006, I was overwhelmed by the possible choices at the local stores and joined Head-Fi to find out what I should buy.

Now, years later, I’m making Youtube reviews of headphones and related products ( which some of you may have seen.


Welcome Currawong. We’re glad to have you here!


I guess I should formally introduce myself here as well. I’ve been in the hobby for a couple years now and am holding it down in Michigan for now. I’m originally from California and might be heading back to the west coast in the near future. Looking forward to interacting with you all in the forum.


I also received Andrew’s invitation. I have been around Head-Fi for many years and also write for, HiFi+ Magazine and ToneAudio. I have been around personal audio for over 20 years and 2 Channels for 40 years. It is a great hobby and I am thrilled t=with the quality of innovation coming out from so many new firms. The future looks bright for audio fans.


Hi. Not sure this the right place to introduce myself but here goes. My music listening experience is about 40 years. I am a member of many musical forums including head fi, audiogon, Steve Hoffman , and now here. I recognize many new members from head- fi. I mistakenly put another user name. I’ve always been known as “ carmantom “ my avatar remains the same. I hope my musical experiences will help other. Thanks for allowing me to join


Hello, my name is Joe and I live in Northern California, I have been a member of Head fi for 6 years same time I was indurduced to this wonderful hobby. I started off with portable gear and earphones, but recently I have graduated to desktop gear. My new thrill is tube rolling.


Welcome to you Joe. Lots of great folks here. I’m also a fan of tube rolling and all the flavors it provides


Hi . Currawong . Great to see you on this forum. I’ve read many of your contributions from Head-Fi . You have much to offer us. I enjoyed what I think may have been your latest review at Head-Fi .
Bluetooth adapter review by Currawong at Head-Fi

I have checked these adapters for some time now and this looks like this could be a winner.



Great to see you and so many from Head Fi here.