Intros: If you just joined the community this is the spot to introduce yourself


Hi @Resolve and welcome. You’ve some nice gear. And of course I can definitely agree what an expensive hobby it can be. I will try catch one of your reviews. Hope you enjoy yourself.


thanks bud…i’m just getting back into cans and dacs/amps.
so it will be interesting what i end up with.
audeze lcd2c…or focal clear or zmf auteur (too bad one can’t hear the zfm in person however)


just picked up a set of audeze lcd2c cans…will pair the with my mojo…will be interesting in what the synergy will be like


Hi everyone! New user here and looking forward to getting to know this community. I’ve recently purchased the Focal Elegia and am excited to give it a listen. I’ve been looking for a better closed back all rounder and narrowed down my selection between the Fostex TH-610, Audeze LCD2 closed back, and the Focal Elegia. The Focal Clear has been a great audition but I need a closed back option for the time being. The Elegia it is!

I’ve owned several Fostex variants including the TH-900 (disagreeable, uneven treble for me) and mahogany X00, several Ultrasone’s including the 500, 900, and Signature DJ’s (still own), and the Shure 1540’s. My current go to IEM’s are the Noble Audio Dulce Bass.

Anyhow, happy to post here and get involved.




A few of us own the Elegia on this board. I’ve been very happy with my purchase. I also own the Focal Elex too.


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Welcome to you Jamie. I hope you find as much fun and mellowness as I have it this forum. Looking forward to the Scoopz of Flavors you will have to offer us.



Hahaha, thanks! The nick name came from asking for two scoops of mashed potatoes and gravy during college. It stuck. Added the ‘z’ for coolness points. :crazy_face:

Thanks for the warm welcoming.



Welcome @TwoScoopz hope you enjoy your time here.


L33t talker too huh…I don’t know about this guy anymore fellows!! :wink:


Hi, I am from the Bay Area and cycle through EarPods because they don’t last long. I love high quality music and want a good set of cans and iem but I’m not sure what a good fit for me would be.

I’ve tried beats iems and cans from friends (which I hate). I never liked the bass punch. It’s annoying.

I’ve also tried the Bose QC35 and although they are very comfortable with good nosie canceling; the quality is subpar.

I want to listen to music and hear the vocals and all the instruments. Everything feels so compressed and I find myself only being ok when listening to songs that have just a few instruments. I’m not sure if the compression is normal because I listen though AppleMusic on my iPhone.

Nice to meet everyone!!!


Hi @Soundwing! Hope you enjoy the stay. There’s a lot of good headphone options that don’t have “that bass punch” but you’re more than likely not going to find them in a chain brick & mortar store.

There’s plenty of content already in here with different models and list, but sounds like you want something with some instrument separation, soundstage width (as we call it), and a more neutral bass sound signature, which lucky for you, many people here seem to enjoy too – though there’s always some fun times with bass cannons too!

If you have a budget, some music interests, we all can probably help you with some items to check out.


Welcome to you @soundwing. Glad to have you aboard.
@antdroid nailed it. Before suggestions can be made budget is important since there is huge selection of iems. There are many on this forum who’s experience will be of great assistance to you if they get low to high $$$ you want to spend. Also the wealth of knowledge and experience will be able to tell you how many lower price iems are way better than some of the expensive one. Have fun and share your experience with us as we will with you. We are all here to learn and share.
There are so many forums out there. Having been a member of many of them for many years… We are laid back, helpful and most always not critical of anyones journey in their music and gear.

So welcome again to the “best” headphone community.



Hi @Soundwin, welcome. Just as a side note don’t forget that the quality of the recording and source will impact the sound too. As always try to get the best quality recording/bitrate/file type that you can. Then you can really get your chosen headphones or iem’s rocking.:grin:


I concur emphatically. My personal thoughts. Source of materials is most important in the chain of listening. The old adage “garbage in-garbage out” is never wrong.

Anyone interested in how important should see the “Grand Daddy” of all the forums"

It is dedicated solely to music source and quality. 3 cheers to Steve Hoffman along with Kevin Gray. They are my personal favorite best Mastering Engineers.

Without the best sources of music, our gear would likely make garbage sound even more emphasized garbage sound. With good equipment and great sources, our sound will increase our listening pleasure much more.

Oh did I mention as all our gear and sound source will improve, so will we begin to hear how our artists intended.



First, Welcome to Soundwing! I hope you’ll enjoy it here.

Second, Where did you find an Emoji/GIF lip-synching “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer?


I agree with your thoughts too regarding hearing the artist as intended. This is a fun part of the audio journey for me. I will never quite know how they wanted me to hear it but if it moves me emotionally or to simply tap my foot it’s job done.

As I slowly progress and learn what I like and dont like music always seems to get better. I am always trying to get the whole part of my audio chain to gel together synergistically. This is often the hard part. There are so many great combinations of gear. But as you mention source is key.


Toe-Tapping is great, as well as body shaking side to side, and awesome is a flood of chills up and down my body.



Thanks everyone for a kind welcome!

I do enjoy bass I just don’t like when the other parts of a good listening experience are sacrificed by bass.

I listen to all kinds of music: from classical to electronic to rock. I wouldn’t mind to invest in up to $999 but I would rather spend less money and get a good quality for my buck. I’m just not sure what I need to spend to get what I want.

I was very surprised to see seinheisser selling a headphone cable in the hundreds range and seeing comments of people saying how it changed their listening experience. I’ve also heard of stuff like DAC amps that is can attach to your phones/ iPhone.

But I’m not sure if I need to upgrade applemusic to vinyl or add an amp to my headphones or get a new cable. It seems there are so many components to a good listening experience.

Will listening to Apple Music on a laptop vs an iPhone 7 through Bluetooth headphones really make a difference in sound quality?

I guess as long as it’s an upgrade to my sad EarPods/ beats listening experience then I’ll be happier then I am now. I would a comfortable budget would be around $300.

Thanks again everyone!!!


I was eyeing the master and dynamic mh40 because they are on sale for $200 but they are wired and I’m not sure if it will hurt the sound because I’d have to use an adapter to fit my iPhone jack. I think I’d also prefer Bluetooth because I don’t like having my iPhone on me all day.