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Thanks for the invitation. I’m James from Phoenix, AZ. Glad to be hear and look forward to some interesting topics and discussions.


Hi Everyone

Listening loud and clear… perfectly equalized from São Paulo, Brazil!

Cheers, Caio


Missouri is in the house!

Looking forward to it Andrew.


Hello all!
Canadian displaced to the USA, been an audiophile since I was, like 14 and discovered an old used set of Sennheisers at a garage sale.
Been on Headfi for years, doing reviews around the internet.
I rebuild vintage audio gear as a relaxation hobby, I am a big Woo Audio fan and my current favourite set of cans right now is the Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla,(both versions).

I enjoy helping folks new to the audiophile community figure out gear, like which amp, how to power what headphones, how to work inside a budget, that sort of stuff.
Hope to meet plenty of cool folks up in here!



Greetings from Asheville, NC! Bought my first Headroom “Little” amp back in 2001-ish. Been a customer ever since. Glad to see the torch has been passed-on!


Bob from Milwaukee, WI is happy to be here. I’ve been listening to headphones or maybe it was a very early iem since my first Japanese transistor radio in the early 60’s. My latest acquisition is a Focal Clear Pro, exactly the same as the Focal Clear but a different color and different cables. I added a Wireworld Nano-Silver Eclipse cable. It sounds awesome. Overall, I preferred it to the Utopia although the Utopia is better in some areas.

Focal Clear Open-back Headphones - Official Thread

Northern Texas (DFW area) here. Been chasing ‘perfect’ sound since hearing Stax SR50’s back in 1976 or thereabouts. currently very much stuck on 64 Audio products. Looking for a good set of full size cans.


Jeff from Madison, WI reporting in. Thanks for setting this up!


Just moved from DFW to Brooklyn, but similar story to Lotek. Been chasing perfect, transparent sound for a handful of years, but spend most of my time in pro audio and with 64 audio CIEMs now.


You’re very welcome! Great to have you here


Greetings from Poland!


Thanks for having me on from the mountains of North Carolina!


Hi from Dubai!


Hi Andrew…and all other audiophiles. Glad to see the interest here and looking forward to learning new info. Trying to sort out some of this stuff is difficult at best, so I’m definitely interested in reading through the topics and seeing the different interests.


Thanks for the invitation, Andrew! I’m happy to be part of the HEADPHONE community.

As I mentioned in my Beta invite request, I’m a bit of a headphone addict, having spent a considerable amount of my disposable income at Headroom/ I look forward to spirited discussions about headphones, equipment, listening environments, media, demo tracks, streaming services, etc.

  • Dave


Hey from Charlotte, NC. I have ears and I like headphones very much.


Sup all! Reddit is about the only other frequented avenue of headphone chatting I do, so I’m hopeful this can be another fun spot to round out my needs. :smiley:


Hello from Bozeman, MT. I’ve gotten several pairs of headphones and a few headphone amps from HeadRoom over the years - glad to see you picking it up and keeping it going.

Use a pair of Shure SE535s hooked to a HeadRoom Micro DAC / Amp on a daily basis.


Hello from Orlando, Florida!


Hello Everyone. Signing in from Glendale, AZ. Love music and headphones. Not up to date on all the technical stuff, but am trying to learn along with listening to my music on a great pair of headphones and an amp.