Intros: If you just joined the community this is the spot to introduce yourself


Today we have opened the community to founding members who were personally invited to the Headphone Community Beta.

I look forward to getting to know you all!



Glad to be here representing Nashville USA


Are you a Predators fan by any chance. Looks like they’re having a lot of fun these days.


Hello from New Mexico! Yes, we are in America not “old” Mexico!




Nope. I’m the only one in town. I’m a Detroit guy. But it’s cool for the city so “Go Preds”


Greetings from San Jose, California. I’m looking forward to the journey with all of you. There’s so much we can learn from each other here. Cheers.

– David


Welcome David. Great to have you!


I am looking forward to interacting with everyone on this site.


Welcome to The HEADPHONE Community Gregg!



Greeting from Rochester, Minnesota. Actually, I came from opposite site of the globe, born in Thailand.
I engaged in the headphone community since the launch of iPod 2nd generation. My first headphone was Sennheiser HD595. I’m looking forward to interact with all of you.



Hello, possibly the first enthusiast from Vancouver Canada here, mostly enjoy earphones and i’m trying to get into DIYing cables now.


Welcome to the community Annop!

I spent 6 months on Koh Chang when I was younger and absolutely loved it there. Now its just a matter of getting my wife on board with going back!


Also here repping the nashville area!


Young guy from New York here. Have been into high-end audio for a while. Looking to get into the headphone world once I save some money!


Thanks, Andrew!

Nice to (e)meet you all.

I’m Jae, also from British Columbia. I prefer clarity over bass (and Bleed American). Looking forward to getting nerdy with you folks.


Montana here!


Pleasure to be here, been a fan of, and naturally headphones, for years. Excited to see what this forum will bring and add to the community. Tons of smart fans of good cans out there.


Hello from Tucson, AZ!