IEM eartips



I too tend to be a bit impulsive sometimes. Those fish must have been a beautiful sight but would surely taken some looking after. Tropical fish do look stunning given the right tank and environment. Mind you some would look stunning in a fish bowl given just how beautiful they are. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.



+1 For Spinfits here too. These are by far my favourite tips.

I do also like foamies though, and recently got some BlackBird SecureFit S30s (basicly complies) and these are probably the most comfortavle tips Ive tried, but they seem to dull the sparkle in the top end a little bit so I don’t use them all the time. They do help glue my CA Comets in nice and tight though. But I usually end uo back with SpinFits.

I recently tried MandarinEs Symbios which are really interesting, basically they’re silicons but the gap is filled with foam. An interesting combo.

Apparently I have tiny lug holes and even struggle with small tips sometimes so these didn’t work for me as I found even the smallest ones a bit too big. Definitely worth a try if you have anything but teeny tiny lug 'oles though.


I really like the spiral dots and the new double flange spinfits…but I don’t have the most experience with tips…so yeah :grin:


I’ve found these generic foam tips to be fine for many scenarios, and cheap enough to dispose before they get too dirty. The large size fits the thick shafts on my Noble IEMs too.


I have several dozen different types of tips around and try very hard to get rid of as many as I can. I’m a hoarder of these things.

My favorites are SpinFit, Rebound (foams), Final E-tips and Mandarin-E Symbio-W hybrids.

Lately, I’ve been using my own version of the hybrids by taking some of my foam and cutting the top half of it off and sliding it into the best fitting silicone tips for my IEM of choice. It works well since the Symbio-W, even in size small, are just a tad too large for a good long-term fit for my ears.

Here’s an example of one I made today:


I just picked up some spinfit CP145s and they work really well with my 64Audio U4SEs.
Couldn’t get a decent seal with the Symbios on the U4SEs so I’m a pretty happy camper.


I use these same tips on my QT2 and am quite happy with them as well.


I’m currently flying in a twin engined jetliner and have some impressions regarding isolation.

Etymotic HF5 with custom molded silicone sleeves - these let me forget that I’m on a plane, I can barely hear the engines, let alone my fellow passengers. I listened to a Sibelius violin concerto and didn’t have to crank the volume at all. Sadly, they became uncomfortable after a couple of hours and I had to take them out.

HF5 with medium triple flange tips - these don’t isolate as well as the custom sleeves, I can still hear everything but it’s dramatically attenuated.

HF5 with Shure olive foam tips - these just don’t fit my right ear well. On the left ear, they seemed to isolate very well though. And they’re definitely way more comfortable than the triple flanges.

Revonext QT2 with Spinfit CP145 tips - these IEMs are vented and just don’t isolate as well as the Etymotics. That said, I can tell that I’m getting a good seal from the Spinfits and they still attenuate the volume somewhat. I’m finding myself listening at higher than normal volumes, though probably only about 5-10 dB higher, which isn’t too bad. Comfort is very good.