IEM eartips



A tight fit is more important than how far you put them up your ears. That’s why getting the right size is important. My left ear is slightly smaller than my right ear, so I usually get a set of medium and large each. The tighter the fit the better the bass reproduction. Sometimes I also exhale on them before inserting them into my ear canal. The slight moisture helps to get them inserted more easily.


When I got back to really using IEMs on a regular basis, and added some beyond the original Etymotic ER4-S (which I kept for more than twenty years, even after adding newer designs), I was surprised not just at just how stark a difference various types of tips made - but how much their effects varied with different IEMs.

With the SE846 I liked the Comply tips the best, but using those on an EE Zeus or AAW900 absolutely killed the upper-mids and treble regions. Spin-fits on the SE846 were a peaky mess, but just about perfect with the Zeus. With the Andromeda I couldn’t find a tip at all that would give me a good seal while being comfortable at all … but trying to do so led to this (which has been very useful since):


Torq, you are seriously hard core lol…must drive you wife nuts


Ok, please tell me that you have a professional stake in this, because you’re just hard core! :grin:


nope…i just drive my wife nuts


She (fiancé … she still needs to pick a date!) rolls her eyes at me sometimes, when another headphone, or set of tubes, or whatever, shows up … but she mostly she just laughs. I think the almost-daily Amazon deliveries were a bit of a surprise for her, at first, though!

One thing she did luck out on, though, is that I’m at least as aesthetically sensitive as she is … so there’s never going to be an issue with “WAF” (Wife Acceptance Factor) when it comes to gear (I’m fussier about it than she is).

Oh no … no professional stake in anything audio at the moment!

Might go there when I run out of other things to work on, but for now it’s just a hobby and I’d rather not turn that into a job! It’s all really a means to an end though … I’m in it for the music … which is really where things get “out of control” … :wink:


I like Comply but would not mind trying Spinfits. I purchased some JVC Spiral Dots but never got a chance to use them since I purchased the wrong size.


Spin fit are my favorite tips, I also like the AKGk 3003i stock tips.


For the narrow nozzle IEMs I like the Westone Star Tips or the Spinfits.
I don’t like foam tips as they tend to mute the highs (at least for me).
for wide bore JVC Spiral Dots are my go to.


If you happen to have Spiral Dots in size “ML”, I would trade you for a set of my Spiral Dots in size “M”.


I actually think I do, I don’t need M I need large, let me check and if so I’ll send a PM.



I don’t have that size in Spiral Dots.


haven’t found them yet but I’ll keep looking… if I do you can have em since they’re too small for me


That would be awesome and much appreciated. I have an extra pair of large foam tips that I don’t need that I could send you if you find the Spiral Dots. Hit me up in PM if they show up, thanks!


@Torq, please tell me that you have a similar box that contains #14 Black Gnat, #12 Black Gnat, Deerfly, Pink Lady, #10 Woolly Bugger, #14 Adams, #12 Adams
and so forth.


Sadly I have to disappoint you on that count.

I am not much of a fisherman. I do a little off the boat on vacation, and some lion-fish “hunting” when diving in suitable areas (e.g. Bonaire earlier in the year) - which isn’t really “fishing” of course.

Not that I don’t enjoy it … there’s something wonderfully peaceful and serene sitting there at dawn, as the sun breaks the horizon, the arc of the line into the water, as the world slowly comes to life. It’s just never become more than something I do as part of other activities (I have way too many hobbies as it is).


I too love fishing. Trout fishing. Alas not able to go now but have loved my time down at the river.



I used to fish for brown/golden and rainbows in the creeks and rivers of the Sierra’s in CA, haven’t been since I was a teenager though. @Torq spear fishing for lionfish sounds like fun and helps with the overpopulation of that invasive species. I used to have a 80 gallon salt water predator tank with a lionfish I named mufasa lol, he hung out with a humuhumu, snowflake eel, and a couple of dwarf scorpion fish. I miss having a tank but it is a pain maintaining one.


Crikey, Predator Tank you certainly don’t do things by halves. It must have been great fun looking after these beasts. Though like you say it must have been hard work maintaining the equipment. We’re they all in the same tank? And didn’t they bother each other. I don’t really know much about these exotic species. It was just freshwater river fish and a little coarse fishing for pike that I used to do. And @Torq spearfishing for Lion fish, wow that’s some exotic living right there. Sorry don’t get out much. Hehe. :smiley:



The only fish that was kind of a character was the HumuHumu, and by character he/she had the most personality reminded me of a pretty girl that wants all the attention all the time…like a couple of my exes… :wink:
It also was one of the reasons I switched to a predator tank… the tank was originally a standard reef tank with non-predators, lots of shrimps crabs, blennies, clown fish etc… then I got this guy/gal, and someone gifted me a lionfish for my birthday…and needless to say between the two my tank quickly went the way of the predator. HumuHumu have teeth and like to nibble on corals and well they will take a bite out of anything. The lionfish are pretty chill, and remind me of bass(the fish, specifically large mouth, they eat the same way). I hand fed all the predators but the humu, because they liked to bite the hand. But it was the most social and would interact with people the most.

I had a boss at the time that had a degree in marine biology and fisheries, and was at one point a science teacher, and he helped get me into getting a fish tank, started with a 55gallon then within a month or so I upgraded to the 80 gallon…and yeah I have a real problem with scaling slowly. I’m only on the planet once and money is meant to be spent (as long as I maintain a solid savings first lol). So I like to experience the things I’m into within reason of course, so if I can afford it I tend to go all in, even if I don’t really need something (to my wife’s chagrin lol).