How is The HEADPHONE Community Funded?


Good to hear! Like your commitment to this. I was a member of the old headwize forums, so I’m showing my age. I’m glad to join. I hope that you’ll have some diy projects, like the old tangent amps years ago.


Is there a link to Amazon to purchase items that don’t show in blue as hot link to Amazon? I know with Radio Paradise one can go to some type of generic link that embeds Radio Paradise as the referral. I’d like to buy things from Amazon but prefer it only if benefits from it.


The auto-created links in posts here, that link to Amazon, already include a reference so that “The HEADPHONE Community” benefits.


I knew that but thinking it might benefit the community, I thought there was a way to link from the community to Amazon and then purchase anything. I might have it wrong.


Are you talking about buying items that are not automatically linked?

Anything for which links are automatically generated will benefit the community if you buy them via that link.


I was going to just reply to you. I checked it out and it’s the way you say it. I hope more links will be listed soon. Too bad we could not get a database of links to Amazon of cds and albums.