How did you start?



I will check it out. But i am confused by the 4CD’s and 4 systems description. LOl…sounds like an LSD trip.(OMG)


Listen to the Flaming Lips a few times…a simulated LSD trip was perhaps the intent. People generally consider “The Soft Bulletin” or “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots” to be their best albums. Their live shows are also pretty much an LSD trip on stage…


While there is some good Disco, there is really some good Funk. I blame the entire Disco experience on Jimi Hendrix passing away too soon. He would have put a stop to that single-handedly.

I’m a big fan of Parliament and Funkadelic. Nothing wrong with the Pointer Sisters on AM, either.


Saw them back in the day. Quite a show :wink:


What’s up, everybody? I read through this thread and saw a lot of familiar names. Some of you know me as McMadface on Reddit and Headfi. This situation kind of reminds me of that scene in Rounders when they go to Atlantic City only to be sitting at the same table with the regulars from NYC. It’s cool though. It feels a lot more intimate than the crazy crowd over at r/headphones.

I got my start as an elementary school kid. My family didn’t have the money for a lot of toys, so I ended up taking apart and reconnecting my dad’s stereo system a thousand times. I don’t know what was wrong with me but I loved getting the cabling just right and then listening to the same shitty cassette tape over and over again.

I think my dad got tired of me messing with his shit, so I received a boom box for my birthday one year. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen, with dual cassette decks and detachable speakers. Of course, we didn’t have the money for a lot of cassette tapes, so I ended up using scotch tape to cover up that little hole and recorded my favorite songs off the radio over my dad’s favorite tapes. What an asshole. I’m talking about me, of course.

So, I guess you can say that fell in love with the gear before I fell in love with the music, but the love of the music hit me hard in the 6th grade. Debbie Gibson. Out of the Blue. Don’t go look it up, it’s terrible. But I had my first boy-girl thing to her and it was the first CD I ever got. The sound quality of the CD vs FM on cassette is what popped my cherry in the pursuit of awesome audio.

So, I blame that CD for this debilitating disease that I have now. Fortunately, I have an awesome wife that doesn’t really understand but accepts my obsession with audio and my former fascination with Debbie Gibson.


I posted a clean version of the above post because I thought it was being blocked by the mods because I have a foul mouth. Deleting it because I didn’t want to have it be repetitive.


Hi McMadFace - Great to see you over here! We’ve exchanged dialog over on reddit a few times and I’ve enjoyed your posts over there. Always nice to see some familiar user names on here. Hope you enjoy your stay. The forum over here is quite friendly and positive and although small, I’ve learned quite a bit just being here for a few months now.

Cassette tape mix tapes were my thing growing up too. I had so many “awesome” mix-tapes from recording over the radio. I used to jot down my list of my top 20 or so songs of the week, and then try to record all 20 into a mix tape of the week. Granted it was just one tape, so never had an archive – unfortunately. But afterward, would meet up with my cousins and share our top lists at a family outing. It was fun.

My fiancee shared similar stories about recording stuff off the radio. Looking back, I’m sure everyone did this. It’s just… the thing to do if you had a cassette player and were a kid and didnt have money to go buy your own cassettes or CDs.

And then the internet and napster took us by storm…


Good to see you too, bud. I like what I see here a lot. Reddit can get a bit repetitive with different users asking the same questions all the time. I’m looking forward to learning from the expertise of a more experienced crowd. Hopefully, I can add just as much as I get back.

Sometimes, I kind of miss the whole ritual of getting that perfect mixtape made. You had to put a lot more thought into the song order so that your tape had a good flow. I think we’ve lost something in an age where you can just jam a bunch of songs in a playlist and hit shuffle. The only playlist that I carefully curate anymore is my reference playlist. Everything else, I’ve given up that thoughtfulness for the sake of convenience… laziness, really. It’s great that you and your fi shared that type of experience. My wife just played her NSYNC and Backstreet Boys CDs on repeat.


Hi @MCM, nice to see you here. Hope you enjoy yourself.


Thanks for the invite, @prfallon69!


We all swear in matters of headphones at some point!!!




You don’t have a foul mouth. You have foul fingers. After you type, sniff your fingers. If they smell shitty, you’ve typed something offensive, and you may decide whether or not you should engage your editor before writing about thespians masticating in front of people.


What if it’s not my fingers and I have a foul brain instead? Can the brain smell itself? Even if it could, my brain certainly can’t control itself. There’s no such thing as brain control.

Case in point: this past January, my brain went crazy and thought it was perfectly reasonable to purchase a Utopia, LCD-XC, Kaiser 10, and a Mojo all within a 2 week span. After laying dormant for several years, the beast bared its lamb leather and carbon fiber fangs and bit deep. It was a second start. A jumpstart. I fell off the wagon and then burned it to ashes. But gawd dammit does Hotel California sound so F’in good now. And forums like this keep that yearning stoked, with your unbridled enthusiasm and flowery descriptions. If audio is an addiction, you guys make the worst 12-step group ever.


Who are the Brain Police? Don’t fear. You are not alone. I can control my brain. Except when told not to think about the Pink Rhinos. Then I, out of nowhere, buy a tube amp for my 35 year old STAX headphones, and then, noticing that I now have not one, but TWO “Pro Only” bias jacks in addition to the Standard Bias that I needed am looking for new STAX headphones.

So nothing to worry about…

FRANK, it’s the big hit! It’s the BLIMP, Frank the BLIMP.


You should donate some of that money to charity. I can start a headphone 501c so you can can contribute! I don’t have 1/3 rd your budget.


No worries @MCM glad you accepted.


That’s some serious spending. That’s some lovely gear. Tell me are you a headphone or iem man?


I love both. My initial upgrade path was through IEMs: B&O A8, Klipsch X10, PFE122, SE425, and SE846. Mainly, it was because I was traveling a lot for work and needed something that I could easily pack into a bag.

So, when I got into headphones, I skipped most of the Mid-Fi sets and went straight into TOTL. It’s kind of funny because I’ve listened to most of the flagships out there but have a lot less experience with the HD650’s and m50x’s of the world.


Ah yes I noticed that you’ve some TOTL headphones. Though sometimes there’s a lot to be said for moving up through Mid-fi. Though it can be more expensive in the long run.