How did you start?



In mt case,it was just the next thing to do. So I bought Sennheiser HD600 because they were highly regarded years ago when I bought them . I bought the Musical Fidelity X-Can v3 because it sounded quite nice when I listened to it at my local audio store(and there are much less of those). Since the years I bought that pair,I actually have used them sparingly as i listen to classical big orchestral scores quite a bit. However,since joining The Headphone Community,I have been using my headphones more. I listen to new music with Itunes with a Headroom Airbit amp which provides just enough oomph and I can hear different things in the orchestral recordings. The headphones are quite nice with vocal(Great American Songbook-Ella,Sinatra etc) country,blues.


I cant decide what I like best. I do know I love trying new music out that gives me the rush I love when it all comes together.


What’s a good place to start if I want to explore classical music more? I’ve already been listening to a fair bit of it over the years, but I don’t know any go-to performances that considered the best.


I LOVE TIDAL! I have been able to stream all sorts of recordings in low loss and hi def formats. Occasionally I will purchase a DSD version of something I really like but Tidal streams a darned good quality with a HUGE selection. I happen to ave recently discovered Leif Ove Andsnes and have listened to hours of his playing and the orchestras he plays with. Do you have a DSD capable DAC? If not, the quality of tidal is really terrific either way.


Yeah, I have a tidal subscription and a DSD dac, though I’ve not been hyper wow-ed by DSD so far. I’ll check out that artist for sure.


Xgat…what is your DSD dac? Does Tidal have a good/great classical selection. I’ve been under the impression that it’s more/mostly "today’s music-----whatever that means.


Xgatt… your question has been argued for decades, I have a couple thousand classical CD’s and listening to newly released music through Itunes. What have you been listening to. There is the old adage of the Three B’s… Bach,Beethoven,Brahms. An earlier itineration with Bach,Beethoven,Berlioz. there is the spectrum of BIG orchestral score(Mahler,Bruckner-but those two are very different) to chamber music and then solo work. It’s a massive subject and question.


I totally hear you on DSD. I have paid the insane price for files that really don’t wow. It comes down to good engineering and mastering as well as performance. I have a few albums I listen to over and over and even did a few listening tests to make sure it was worth it. On most of the recordings it is. But on older albums like the Frank Sinatra or some other POP stuff you’re better off listening online at CD quality. Perfect example was John Legend Love in the Future. The master is muddy, and really a shit poor recording. DSD won’t fix any of that.


ok…i have some of the Sinatra,Ella dupes on CD and SACD and will revisit. I’ve got a John Legend (SACD MC) and the MC(on my MC audio system) sounds fun.


I have a Topping D50.


I will check it out


BurgerPalaceAudio…DSD does not guarantee aural nirvana I have a few “experimental” DSD discs and I would have trouble describing them as “good.” However,I will admit that the multi-channel sound takes us beyond stereo—as long as the sound engineering,balancing,performance works out.


ok… i looked on Amazon. i get the sense that the Topping is stereo only while one of the main points of DSD is multi-channel capacity.


I lower the audiophile standards so i can listen to new music. After all,it’s all about the music


LOL… I just tried to sign up with Tidal. This was their response. Sorry but you don’t meet TIDAL’s age requirement


I do notice it has only L-R out, so I guess it’s a dedicated stereo DAC.


lol…multi channel is not available with headphones unless someone will correct me. I always thought that one of the major points of DSD/SACD is multichannel listening. However, recently I have bought new DSD remasterings of George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra;The Beethoven Symphonies,The Brahms Symphonies, Mozart Piano Concerti with Robert Casedesus. All of these,IMHO,sound vastly improved in terms of soundstage and sound engineering.


And I have ordered Szell /Cleveland Orchestra newest Japanese release of the Mahler 4th(perfection) ,Mahler 6th( some reservation due to it being a rare live Szell performance). I will post most thoughts in late July


There is a great thread here:


If you like large orchestral scores try any Mahler Symphony conducted by Pierre Boulez on Deutche Gramophone. They are all very well recorded especially 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. They sound fantastic with headphones.