How did you start?



If I only had tried a friend SR80i I would be like you and not really have tried a different Grado but I found that changing the ear pads (G-pads - generic ones from ebay for $4-6/pair) did wonders for me in both comfort and sound quality so this is something you might want to try in the future. This is the easiest mod and there really is no risk.


I suggest that you try SR125e; that is where I started using the Grado line. I had a pair of SR125 that was destroyed and was looking for a set of SR325e when someone made me an offer for 225e’s that was insane , so I got those instead. I usually tell folks that if they move up in the Grado line, to jump 2 steps for improvements that are (typically) worth it.

My over all bang per buck favorites from Grado is the RS2e but that is getting somewhat pricey for me as I don’t do as much critical listening from headphones as I used to do.

Of course, YMMV.

Good luck!


You have too burn them in.
All Grados suck out of the box


All Canz


Ok, then I will need to try the G-pads. Thanks


I started my HiFi journey thanks to the iPod Shuffle - the one with no buttons. Seriously. How? Well before the Shuffle I was happy with Skullcandy IEMs, but when I bought the Shuffle I found that I was unable to use Skullcandy because the Shuffle needed an inline remote to skip songs. This led me to buying the Apple Dual Driver IEMs which I absolutely fell in love with - as a side note, I really want to listen to them again.

This led me to wondering about upgrading my desktop set. I ended up lusting after the Audio Technica Ad700 due to the focus on soundstage, comfort, clarity, and odd aesthetics. They were out of stock for ages though, so I ended up with the Grado SR80i which I loved, they still hold a close place to my heart.

I sold them in less than a year and finally got the Ad700 and I have been an AT fanboy ever since.


I truly tried. This model never opened up for me.


I’ve read the same thing in some Amazon review. Thanks for confirming.

Indeed a bit too pricey for just an experimental buy. Regardless I’ll make a note of it.


I had a pair of $300 beats studios back in high school which had a bass response of autotuned farts. I thought they were the sh*t until one day the hinge broke and the headphones were now duds. Went back to ear pods. Fast forward a few years later and I decided I wanted new headphones so i could hear “moar bass” and I fell into the M50x trap (yuck) and switched to M40x’s. Loved them. Then came HD650’s…then HD600’s…Then I heard HE-500’s…you can already tell where this is going. I learned to appreciate the small details in music and It even made me explore more music genres (I listened to only poorly mastered thrash metal in those days).


You have too burn them in.
All Grados suck out of the box

Never noticed or heard any of my friends mention this about their Grado headphones. Granted my sample size is small: SR225e and RS2e for me, all other Grado’s that I’ve owned (PS500, SR80i, SR60, SR225i and SR325i) were used so can’t be sure if there was any burn-in. With that said I’ve only owned one headphone that I can say for sure that its sound changed from new to 200+ hours; EL-8 open, it went from darkish new to dark/warm after 50+ hours, then changed to a bit warmer than neutral after 100-150 hours and finally after about 200 hours its settled to neutral/a touch bright but since the EL-8 is one of the originals where there was a wild range of impressions I’m not surprised that there was this transformation.


Agreed. All equipment requires some break-in (IMHO). Especially those that have mechanical elements. That being said, I think saying Grados “suck” out of the box is a little strong; they just improve with some age (like some cheeses or wines)! :yum:


Ear Zonk makes $10 foam.


So, I just tried doing some EQ to fill in the dip around 3-7 kHz, and all of a sudden I like the LCD2C much better again :slight_smile:


Amazon has G cushions for $20,-. Do you know where to find a better deal?


I started when I quit my band and did the sound for them instead. I had a cheapo Sony set then but moved up quickly to a better sounding pair.


I completely agree . Grado is a fine American company that cares what they are making.


Grado definitely has a up front forward sound.
Opposite of many other brands which have a opposite signature. It is definitely a matter of personal preference.
The Grado SR 225’s are the sweet spot. They are the first model in the SR line that uses the ultra high purity long crystal copper (UHPLC) voice coils all the ones below use standard copper voice coils…

But the 325’s are a secret because they are the last model in the line not to be vented. So I used a paper clip vented three holes. Now they sound like the Grado big boys.

But you still have to like the signature sound


No. Everyone seems to be sold out so I’m waiting for restocking but they do have some other generics for $10 to replace a G Kush that I made yet try


Amen Grado. Sound and price great entryway.


It started with noise cancelling headphones for mowing; then evolved quickly from there: from Sennheiser, to Shure, to Bayerdynamics, to Fostex, and then to Focal complete with Amp. I just wanted a quality set of cans with which to listen to good music. Now my focus has moved to IEM’s - I have some decent sets but nothing high end. I really appreciate quality so my focus is generally on figuring that out at a good price point.