How did you start?



Good for us you ended setting up this community. It only proved that there is always goodness in everything we do, selfless it may be at the time of execution.


Nice article. I found myself in it. It’s almost as if i wrote it myself because it personifies me, my experiences leading to this community.

Caveat: we’re deeply stuck in this insatiable pursuit…mind your next steps!


Thanks for taking the the me to read it. And yes. Now I am deep in it. Deeeep.


Started with HD600 and amazed. I had a fully loaded Singlepower if I remember it’s name. It was a Supra. This was all quite some time back. Earliest music listening start was with Klipsch Cornwall corner horn speakers with the new (gonna blow everything out of the waters) Sony CD Player. After the Klipsch, I’ve been broke ever since spending tens of thousands of dollars on listening equipment. Over the years I sold off most and went into the cans arena and I’m glad I did. Shout out to all the new and founding members. I am glad I am a new member of this community. I hope to contribute more in the future as I have so many times. I’m sure I will get to know some of those I have met on HFi.


Can’t wait to hear your review. You have quite a bit of listening experience…and admittedly a much larger bankroll for the hifi arena than I.


My first pair of headphones where the on ear felt covered Sony’s that came with a Walkman CD player. Not really into headphones at the time and as the years past i never really thought about headphones being anything other than a device that is used to listen to music (which it is but…). Since I was and still am a big fan of sitting back and putting on an album I decided to do a little research and see why some headphones cost various costs and learned a small bit about the differances between all types of headphones and the equipment to pair with them. Around 2010 I decided to grab a pair that was not $20 from a local store and like a lot of people I ended up getting some Audio Technica M50’s. I loved them and was blown away by how much more involved and fun it was to listen to music. At that point I just bought them thinking okay i get it. Fast foward to about 2016 and I decided to look into what my now old friend AT where up to and upon doing that I stumbled onto Head Fi. From there my journey began. I decided to settle on a pair of Audio Technica MSR7’s and now im looking to upgrade.


It was sometime around 1968 and we had all just take 2 hits of Purple Haze…
oh wait, wrong story.
It was 1974 or 75 when I went to visit a friend at Va. Tech in Blacksburg. He had a system composed of a big Luxman integrated amp, Thorens turntable, Allison I speakers and a pair of Stax SR/X (or SR5 really don’t recall) while I was blown away by the allisons when my friend put on Al DiMeola Elegant Gypsy with me under the stax I was hooked.
I’ve been disillusioned with chasing ‘perfect sound’ and now pretty much buy what sounds good to me and just enjoy the music. I like to keep up with latest news and do still try new equipment but I got off the upgrade carousel a few years ago.


I miss my turntable and albums BUT I am quite content with DSD…I’d love to hear a set of STAX. Like you (perhaps with age) I am content with what sounds good to me and don’t need the shari la os equipment but appreciate the perfect recording and a sound that enlightens me.


Me too. Hard not to be.


do any of your headphones ever just die of old age?


I have a pair of Yamaha HP-1 ca 1977 that are falling apart. The drivers still work, the headband is broken and the pads are deteriorating.


Back in the day when I first started my teenage exploration of what’s now called Classic Rock; my dad walked in my room unannounced and dropped a Realistic Custom Pro in my lap and walked out.

I don’t think he enjoyed my taste in music.

The only thing I remember about the Custom Pro’s was that the soft plastic around the phones got cold as hell in the winter.


I think it really starts with the MUSIC. Everything else becomes a discussion.


Wow, this goes WAY back! 1978 Optonica SM 4545 amp and ST 3535 tuner. I remember having a Pioneer PL-something turntable with a Sure V15 III. Teac V-something cassette deck. AR-11 speakers. And, a set of Koss Pro4 AAA headphones! I worked every odd job I could to save the money in my junior and senior years of HS.


I remember Koss being the king of cans!


For me it was 1968 and the Koss Pro AAA for $35. A lot then. Opened up a new world of sound as they far surpassed the inexpensive speakers I had at the time. I was and still am into Classical music and Tchaikovsky’s symphonies sounded great on these phones.


I. remember Koss as the only headphone to buy but it hurt my ears so I didn’t use it very much.


Well…I am not sure if this gets back to all those who “liked” my post. But I use my headphones to listen to music. Yes,there are quality issues connected to when and how how I use my headphones. But my first priority is to listen to the music.


Apparently LI have not started as I have yet to see any of my notes on this site. I have received dozens of other peoples’ thoughts. Why?


First, I must make sure I am getting through in print which I do not seem to be doing. Help.