How did you start?



They had excellent frequency response. By the way, look what I found:


YES! The Realistic Pro 30’s I loved those cans! Great find! Thanks.


I’m such a n00b when it comes to headphones but I am eager to learn more, especially finding out what kind of proper headphone I can invest in that a) won’t break the bank, b) is durable under many conditions in or outside, c) aren’t terribly bulky. Noise cancelling too.


I found it at It was really fun to flip through
all the oldd catalogs. I actually miss those days when things were so

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Wow - my first good headphones…many years ago my Mother-In-Law came to live with us for a year or so. Wanting to be respectful to her, I did not play hardly any music on the stereo, but after about a month of that I needed some relief, and the cheap headphones I had from my walkman days weren’t cutting it.

After some research I found Headroom and bought a pair of HD-580’s. Still have them, and have been delving into other stuff as well. Sennheiser PCX-450’s kept the airplane drone at bay for years. Last year I replaced them with the PCX-480 as the 450s were literally falling apart after 10 years service. I like the 480s but i miss the simplicity of the AAA battery. More than once I have forgotten to charge the cans and get on the plane and they only work in passive mode without a charge so I end up putting them back in the computer bag and get the earplugs out.

Wireless is not for me. Its a personal choice, I’m an old curmudgeon and I’ve got too much technology in my life already that has to be recharged on a regular basis. The simplicity of just plugging a cord in is far more appealing than any perceived “freedom” of wireless.


I started with some inexpensive Sony’s many years ago with various headphones and earphones over the years but nothing serious. Once I discovered the ATH-ESW9s, I was hooked.


I forgot to mention that I did the climb up the Shure SE series in there somewhere. That was the first time I bought a $500+ headphone (or earphone in this case).

I think the first time I bought the 535s I returned them out of guilt - and then bought them again because I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

It’s funny how price tiers that seem insane start to normalize after you’ve crossed the line.


I’m going through that right now. I was FINE with the initial $$ spent on AKG 701 and HD600s with a used Valhalla. BUT Now in only 2 months I’ve gone nuts. I have a set of LCD 2’s I am trying to love but thay may just have to go back. They aren’t good enough to justify the spend despite all the raves. I have a set of Beyerdynamic 1990s coming and will choose one over the other or maybe neither. I also have 2 DACS 2 tube amps and a Solid state amp coming now that I know more of what to look for but ALL are returnable so I can choose wisely.


maybe in the Robb report,


For me, it was in college wanting to listen to Jazz. I liked hearing the piano, bass, drum, and sax. I got a pair of the Sony studio headphones in the 80’s. It was great to listen quality without having to blast my ears. Since then, I’ve moved up the different models and it’s funny, my wife says I have a set of headphones for damn near everything I do. I have the Bose wireless sport for running. I have the Bose QuietComfort strictly for airplane travel. I have the Apple AirPods for talking on the phone. I have the wireless Plantronics Backbeat sense for watching movies or listening to music when away from home in hotel rooms. Some say I’m a geek in this area. Like the rest of the community, I like good sound, comfort, and reasonable pricing for the quality you get.


Really started (i.e. after the whole apple ipod earphones) with a pair of $100 Sennheiser noise cancelling headphones I used to mow the lawn. Then progressed rapidly from there as I discovered how much better sounding a quality pair of headphones and amp makes music sound.


I was wanting a pair of headphones that were gonna last a while and I ended up getting a pair of Pioneer Monitor 10s and then it all spiraled down from there the crappy youtube rips weren’t enough so it became CD rips and the like. and then it spiraled way out of control and I have 5 decent pairs of headphones and a library of 71K songs. I might get a HD600 to see what all the buzz is about but I’m aiming for an audio-gd amp and an lcd-4 or HE1000 V2 to get me started in summit-fi.


Okay, I believe in cables but haven’t tried any for the 6XX. However, I own a Kimber USB-Ag and Audioquest Diamond USB cable and they (plus the AQ Jitterbug) have improved my setup tremendously! Primarily in the imaging and microdetail departments.


Are you using Balanced out? I just made a purchase of a new amp that doesn’t have balanced. I’m pretty new to all of this and there are big debates on balanced and non…Once I get my bearings I may try some recommends.


First purchase was about 6 years ago and decided after some research ATH-M50x was the way to go. I enjoyed the hell out of them but looking back at it now i probably never experienced their true potential (always plugged into phone). I gave those away to a friend and just ended up buying those junk headphones at the gas station. About 8 months ago I bought Shure’s SE535 and immediately got the bug back again. Since then, I’ve bought Beyerdynamic DAC A200p -> Noble X -> Hifiman HE4XX.


I started with Koss PRO-4AA and used them until they fell apart and went to the PRO-4AAA and also bought a pair for my father for Christmas one year.

Later I got a set of Grado SR125 (after the Headroom Road Show) and later got a Headroom amp which I used until they fell apart.

Currently considering a Schiit Fulla 2 for quasi-portable use.


I am debating whether to keep my iFi Micro iDSD for portable. Pretty sure I’ll sell it since I’m more of a home headphone guy. How do you like your Grado’s?


We had a cassette player when i was kid and fell in love with it. Then music became my priority. I purchased a sony walkman when i was in high school. That was the only choice:)

10 years after graduating from university i purchased ipod mini and ipod 6th gen. I was using earphones. My first over-ear headphone was philips. I have a family now and trying to survive and a little bit broke. I’m planing to buy a second hand Beyerdynamics dt880 and sennheiser hd 598. Happy to be here with you sharing the same passion.


I like them a lot… During the Headroom Road Show (years ago) I listened to the entire line (nearly). I currently am using Grado SR225e. My only issue with them is comfort - the higher level ones (statement and reference series, etc.) are more comfy.

They really show upstream differences and I suggest that if you get them and you want to move up in their line, that you skip every other model for max bang per buck. I went from SR125i to SR225e when I was “made an offer I could not refuse.”


I had Sony MDR-Vsomething over-ears as a teenager, and thought they were pretty good. But then I bought my first “proper” headphones in the mid-90s (still a teenager) - Sennheiser HD495. Incredibly comfortable and a sound I could just get lost in. A few years later I got a pair of the original Sennheiser HD600s cheap from Richer Sounds in Edinburgh (£120!) and I’ve never looked back…