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I lower the audiophile standards so i can listen to new music. After all,it’s all about the music


LOL… I just tried to sign up with Tidal. This was their response. Sorry but you don’t meet TIDAL’s age requirement


I do notice it has only L-R out, so I guess it’s a dedicated stereo DAC.


lol…multi channel is not available with headphones unless someone will correct me. I always thought that one of the major points of DSD/SACD is multichannel listening. However, recently I have bought new DSD remasterings of George Szell and the Cleveland Orchestra;The Beethoven Symphonies,The Brahms Symphonies, Mozart Piano Concerti with Robert Casedesus. All of these,IMHO,sound vastly improved in terms of soundstage and sound engineering.


And I have ordered Szell /Cleveland Orchestra newest Japanese release of the Mahler 4th(perfection) ,Mahler 6th( some reservation due to it being a rare live Szell performance). I will post most thoughts in late July


There is a great thread here:


If you like large orchestral scores try any Mahler Symphony conducted by Pierre Boulez on Deutche Gramophone. They are all very well recorded especially 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. They sound fantastic with headphones.


You’re right. I’ve never been more into Mahler than now with my recent dive into headphones!


Classical music can be challenging. Big amps with appropriate speakers can put out volume that can be uniquely satisfying. I have found(very recently) that headphone listening can really make us hear the balances of an orchestral performance. Mahler is especially challenging because he can go from huge explosions of sound and then immediately go to chamber-like sounds.


Try this with speakers and large orchestral recordings such as Mahler or Prokofiev:

Place the speakers about 4 or 5 ft apart then sit exactly 4 or 5 feet in front of them dead center. Adjust the volume appropriate for this near field listening. You need to have your ears at the same height as the tweeters. You will hear a nice wide soundstage and a listening experience similar to headphones and at a much lower volume than you normal use to fill the room at greater listening distances. And in most cases if your speakers are away from the back wall enough you will here wonderful soundstage depth as well and your volume will be low enough so that any decent amp will give you a good result.

However I still prefer headphones for these large works and opera.


When I was 11(1971) my older brother brought home a pair of Sennheisers, the model that had a 2 orange foam on ear design. I had just discovered The Beatles White Album and we owned a large furniture console. Needless to say it sounded awful, but when I plugged in the Sennheisers, something amazing happened; They sounded wonderful in comparison. Ever since then headphones found a place in my heart.


God I had a pair of those in the '80s. Although I think there was more than one pair that shared those pads. Wish I could remember the model. Either way they were a revelation in comparison to my cheap Sony Walkman cans.


Literal answer:

As a small child my grandmother had something like this around this house…

And something like this too…

It entertained me well enough at age 4.


I know the mow the lawn issue. IEMs help, noise canceling helps if it’s not too hot. Buying a Fiskars push mower helped even more, but was a lot of exercise. Now I mow with noise canceling or IEMs and a Cobalt 80 volt max electric mower.


I do like the sound engineering of the Boulez/ Mahler recordings. Some people have complained about the musical interpretation. I just listened Boulez’ recording of Mahler Lieder. I thought it was great.


LOL… i don’t use headphones/listening to music while doing yard work. I am seriously concerned that the music will take away my attention and I may end up in the hospital with a severed finger,.


If you are of the Bernstein school of Mahler or others of the last century and like your Mahler overtly emotional then Boulez may seem tame. For me I got tired of the histrionics and find Boulez refreshing and great for repeat listening.


I’ll give a listen for sure. I never thought I would listen to so many variations of the same pieces.


Do You mean the Sennheiser 414
(photo credit to CNET.COM)
Had the originals and have a pair with black plastic release in the 90’s?


@Lotek Oh, wow. I think mine must have been the '90 model because they were black. Although I swear I owned a pair by '85 or so. Thanks for posting this!