How big is your... music collection


You’re probably right with respect to 2 years or more to get to 1TB.

How large of a capacity microSD can be manufactured is anybodies guess, but I would think “something yet to be developed” could replace it. Technology never stops.

Just think of these high quality DAPs…incredible sound out of a (pack of) cigarette sized package.


Well, the last time I checked, I think there were about 80,000 tracks in my collection. Most is split amongst several hard drives. Like others have said, there are duplicates where the same piece is played from different venues and such. Just starting to rebuild my vinyl, had upwards of 2-300 albums at one time. Have about 600 CDs or so. I don’t subscribe to any streaming services.


I have 381 artists, 878 albums, 9,285 tracks, 217GB of storage. Everything is electronic; I ripped all the CDs I care about and donated the rest years ago.

If Google doesn’t give the Pixel 3 256GB of storage I’m going to kick someone.


I was an early FLAC downloader on Oink (never forget)-- and consequently my backups are in the 2.5TB range.


checks iTunes, fearing what the result may be…

81,072 digital tracks. Oy


So you also remember when iTunes needed to “calculate gapless playback” for a week straight. :wink:


Now that is a good effort!


According to my wife too big.