Headphones Battlestations


I’ll start with my latest ridiculous stacking of the audio gear battlestation… potato quality I’ll grab a real pic later this week…but everyone post your audio battlestation!


So that’s what the rest of the room looks like. :slight_smile: We always get photos of they keyboard and megaman. Now I see everything.


this is actually my movie room…and my battlestation is relegated to the corner, with my daughters stuff taking up majority of the rest of the room lol…also why there is a mounted speaker above my monitor :wink:
I have a fairly large collection of random pop/videogame/comicbooketc culture items all over my house…My wife is a saint for putting up with me and my collections… lol


Two messy photos of my main workstation area. I have IEM cases scattered everywhere right now. I have a couple other rooms I listen to music in though, but primarily speakers unless noise becomes an issue. :slight_smile:


What type of keyboard is that? Looks helpful for night use. I just added a black light and lava lamp for late night listening. My room is never so tidy.


What is the blue light source behind your computer? I like it.


Not sure if you’re asking Tyler or myself, but I am using a Corsair K63 wireless mechanical keyboard. I know, I’m committing mechkey sin with a Corsair + wireless, but i dont care. :slight_smile:


Thanks, I had to edit, to notify you, but you beat me to it. I like the blue light behind your computer. What is the source?


The light is just cheapo LED lighting strips that are powered by USB and can change to whatever color you want. Here’s the link to the exact one I got: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071GL5WWP/


If me, I’m using the Massdrop CTRL, but I have three others with a couple more on the way from Kono store… I can never have one of a thing aparently…because … reasons???


I did change out the keycaps on my keyboard to a white/black/grey/red keys instead of all black. Problem with Corsair keyboards is they got creative and went non-standard on the bottom row, so it’s not as easy to find keys that fit that row.


Yea, I have 3 mechkeys at home, and 2 at work (granted I have two office locations so that makes sense) and gave two others to my friend to use at work. I want to try the CTRL but I want Cherry MX Silent or Matias Quiet Pro switches.


My Razer blackwidow v2 has the white corsair keycaps, I used that for a long time and it can be seen in some of my past photos…I tend to swap around keyboards every couple months…but recently went on a stupid mech keyboard buying spree…thanks Massdrop and Konostore… insert squealing Japanese school girl here I have issues… sigh time for bed


Well if you want mine I’ll cut you a deal when my other ones come in…I don’t think I need 3 of the same type keyboard lol. I have the K-type from the original drop(with cherry stabs), and I’m waiting on the Hexgears K-type remake that they collab w/Input club. I have the Hexgears X-1 slim mech keyboard at work…it is good for a portable keyboard but I kind of want to bring one of my better keyboards into work instead…but the bluetooth factor makes it nice…


I know there’s a whole mechkey mystique which I only discovered browsing Massdrop. I came from the IBM Selectric II typewriter or old WICO keyboards. Even the old Apple extended keyboard II was OK before they went to the horrible newer ones after 1995. Now I have 8 Logitech wired illuminated keyboards in about 3 locations. I found something that works well and night, that has a decent feel, and I stuck with it. The current model is the K740. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/illuminated-keyboard-k740?crid=27


Please guys, all this headphone porn just stirs me up. :grin:. Nice setup. I would love a little room to be able to call my own. But alas, our house is too small. Still if I sent my son to live with relatives I could have his room… mmmm now there’s a thought.


Very nice @antdroid. Nice and neat too.


Maybebin a year or two my office will be tidy enough to post a picture of it … :joy:


I will tidy mine up this weekend, I was messing around with multiple DACs and amps last night and had them all stacked up on each other…usually it is mildly more de-cluttered


Work audio battlestation, currently using the Monolith THX 788 all in one, with the Elegia being daily driver.


Ha, it’s the simple things… You’ve changed my life forever! I never realized double headphone rack was a thing, I need one delivered overnight! No, right now!!