HE-560. Got the first post



You are worse at impulsive shopping than I am. You need to stay away from outlet malls.

You live near one dont cha? :slight_smile:

EDIT: I am also waiting for the re-drop of the XX (not the band)


Yes, but going there is…not my favorite of things…the online shopping world is much easier to throw my play money at.


Your as bad if not worse for impulse buying than me. The internet has a lot to answer to. Totally not my fault or weak character.:grin:.

If I had a pound for every time I ordered something and then cancelled it 10 minutes later I’d be a rich man.

You like Hifiman products don’t you? I haven’t heard any personally is the HE560 your favourite and what do you like about it? I’m just curious. Is it a lot better than the HE4xx?


Honestly my only experience with them is the HE-V1 tried in a store, along with Sundara. I’ve only owned the HE-4XX which I think is a good deal, and they sound great for the price point.


I’ve had my HE-560 for a year and a half. It was my go-to before the Mjolnir-revised STAX tube amp rescued my old STAX from a basement burial. (I used to have an office in the basement…). While I like the Sennheiser HD-580 and 6xx, the HiFiman beats them both out. I do think the STAX are faster, and they are certainly lighter on my head. I have not heard the HE-4XX, but saw only one bad review and many good ones. And it’s always possible that the bad one was from a defective unit, as it seemed quite out of character.


Thanks to you and @DarthPoolfor answering my queries. I am not looking to get anymore headphones I was merely curious. Despite the QC and build issues that Hifiman seem to have they do have a loyal customer base. They must be doing something correctly.


Delicate—verily diaphanous driver technology is the apparent difference.


Thanks for the info. I know people often complain about build quality but obviously sound quality and the overall listening experience must be very good for a lot of people.


People have a similar complaint about STAX Lambda style headphones. They think the plastic is lightweight and junky. Hey, it isn’t heavy, like Grado, it rarely breaks despite its looks, and the sound is divine.