HE-560. Got the first post



Yep. It’s a no-brainer at the current selling price of $250. Some people have said the latest version of it has some sonic differences though, but I have yet to see any measurements or anything yet.


I’ve got a V1!!! So wood with those gawd awful SMC connectors, and I actually have the Dekoni Elite Hybrids pads also, but I purchased a set of Brainwav’z angled as well to do a little Pad Rolling, so I hope the Dekoni pads come off their Ring ez!


Feeling left out here. I am a wood virgin and don’t really have the inclination to go down that route to be honest. Although I wouldn’t mind having a pair of the new open ones from Zack (ZMF). They are expensive though but I am aware that they are handmade and they are also beautiful. Forgotten the name and without googling it I can’t remember.


I have to say Zachs wood cans are some of the most natural sounding and by far the best looking on the market! I’ve not heard everything but he continues to impress me with both the sound quality and craftsmanship!!!

Also my HE 560 V1 came with it’s wood box :smiley: pics upcoming!!


Thank you for the heads up. I haven’t heard anyone say a bad work about ZMF products. They look very well made and are said to sound fantastic. I have enough headphones right now. But who knows what the future holds.:slightly_smiling_face:


wife’s gonna shoot me here soon, but so far I’m diggin the HE 560! A bit bassier than my HE 4 was, so hopefully pad rolling will help…tame it

but I did EQ my HE 4 for EDM [and that’s what I’m listening to atm and where I feel it’s a bit too much for my tastes]

Though I like it enough that I’ve got a solid Silver Cable in bound :confused:


Sounds nice. I have used hybrid cables and silver cables in the past and I must say I prefer the silver cables. Though I maybe opening a can of worms by saying so. All my opinion of course.:grinning:.


Nice. I think the bass on the HE560 is pretty much perfect. It’s perfectly linear and extends deep. This gives me the rumble sensation when needed and has enough thump without any of the bloat.\

The HE560, at least the model I have, is just a wood veneer. The cups are actually plastic.

Its a good compromise for me because I found the LCD series and the Monolith M1060, which have real wood, to be too heavy for lengthy use.


Thankfully mein arms/neck an shoulders are STRONG from those school days I spent carrying that darned 50Lb book bag q.q

Non the less while I’m liking the impact on them, I feel they are a bit too bassy with these Dekoni Pads, trying the BrainWavz now


Yeaaaaa, I think I’m diggin the Brainwavz a bit more. cSkippy advised me that or rather he felt the decay was a bit faster with these velour pads as opposed to some of the leather or hybrid pads

I concur, bass is a little less forward but still nice solid slam,

Need to stretch out the pad a bit more though, as is they are pulling the ring inward and messin with the fit/seal


An interesting quote. But although fashionable, wood requires care. I just took Formby’s Tung Oil (high gloss) to my 25 year old Tivoli Audio radio (Special Tweeter Edition) that sits in my office. These days it tends to be fed mostly Internet radio, but it looks cool.

As you can see, given a few years wood, even with care, gets beat up looking. Oh for the days of real, Bakelite plastic.


There’s so much wood in my office q.q I dread dust, clean & Polish day lol. I’ll have to pull out my wood care kit an grab a pic of it! Thankfully the V1 is Veneer, so a thin layer of wood atop plastic [or are the cups actually metal?] either way care isn’t as involved as a full wood cup like on my LCD 2 or Eikon


Yes quite, I need to choose my word better.:grin:. That’s a great looking piece of kit you have there. Old school.


Thanks, but it’s more retro than old school. Tivoli is still around and still makes this decent little radio with some new add-ins. It was designed by Henry Kloss (KLH, Advent, Cambridge Soundworks, Acoustic Research).

It has pretty good over the air performance (moot during the daytime in an office) and remarkable sound for it’s size, even though it has a pronounced mid-bass boom (it’s ported, but I don’t see a tube in the port, so the bass-reflex equation sure isn’t perfect). Looking up the history of Tivoli, it was started in 2000, and Kloss died in 2002. This isn’t 25 years old, more like 16 - probably got it in the heyday of Tweeter, a now defunct big box hi-fi ancestor that tried to get it right most of the time. They were very big on Sonus Faber equipment.