Forget about sound, what is the best LOOKING gear you've ever seen?


I’m thinking about painting my HD800 flat black… such a good look


I had mentioned above that I though the SPL Phonitor X was a rather nice looking piece … but it’s much more so in the flesh than in pictures …

I had also said that it was probably a good thing that I wasn’t in the market for a new solid-state headphone amplifier … but I’m not sure how long my resolve is going to hold there … (even if my primary headphone amp is always going to be something with tubes).


Very sexy and retro look. Those cans are nice too!


That’s a really beautiful piece of technology. It’s a piece of art.



The Campfire Audio Atlas is definitely very shiny right out of the box (just like the Comet ). We will see how it looks when it is nice and smudged up from fingerprints. I like the wooden flask design of the Echobox Explorer DAP but I will admit it definitely hasn’t been getting as much use as it probably should.

I’ve listened to them before but I wanted to give the DT 770 another shot. I really want to like them and they do sound quite nice but they are just super fatiguing for me.


That echobox is interesting. I wonder how they are able to cool the electronics and amp within the wood? Looks like it would get warm in there.


the mk1 is available on Massdrop for $400 right now… I am very tempted…but I would have to get a voltage adapter (only EU plug)…


Holo Audio’s black/copper aesthetic really appeals to me. I enjoyed it with their Spring DAC, and it’s nice to see it repeated on their more modestly priced CYAN unit:

The whole chassis is constructed of thick, heavy, aluminium and real copper. Those side-cheeks are solid … and look even more striking in person. It’s almost a shame to put them in a rack, as they really are quite striking in person.

And then, just for a bit of fun: