Forget about sound, what is the best LOOKING gear you've ever seen?


Love how the tubes look & sound
The Nagra industrial design just does it for me.


There’s an AQ Carbon USB sticking out the back that creates a bit of clutter but at least you can see the faceplates. I do wish that the entire unit was coloured instead of just the faceplate but that’s a personal preference thing. @andrew you can wake up to this instead.


That’s a nice looking stack! Your picture makes the red faceplate on the Phonitor X look a lot less “flat” in color than the stock photos. I’m assuming it’s anodized rather than painted? It has a distinctly metallic appearance that doesn’t come across on SPL’s site.

And you’re not doing anything to quell my desire for one of these, you know! :wink:

The $2500 question is, of course, how does the Phonitor X sound (a discussion obviously better taken to here, I suppose)?

The Aeon Flow C look very spiffy there as well. I do need to add one, maybe two, more closed-back cans/brands to my stable … and I’m hedging between the Ether C Flow and the Aeon C Flow on the Mr. Speakers side of things (the other candidate is a ZMF Eikon).


The thing I like about the Nagra is its switches. Very industrial and purposeful. They give the impression of some piece of equipment that might require a hefty manual :grin:


I watched the video of how Fostex makes the cups for the TH900 and I almost wanted to buy them after that. Lol


The DAVE by Chord


I fell for the TH900 Mk2 in Emerald Green … and still haven’t managed to get a really good picture of them that shows off just how gorgeous the finish is …


That green finish is so nice!

With the reflective surface though, I can imagine getting a picture of them with proper lighting and no camera reflection is tough. I’m personally not a fan of the original colour but I’d be happy to add those to my collection. I’ve always liked their sound but haven’t found the proper justification to give to my wife for buying them. With those ear cups though… :ok_hand:


That’s pretty much the ultimate collection of closed-backs right there. ZMF headphones are always such eyecandy (luckily they also have great sound to back it up!).

I definitely need to spend some more time with the Z1R in the future. My only experience with them was at RMAF last year and I was limited to the test tracks that I wasn’t a huge fan of. Limited test tracks are probably my biggest pet peeve with headphone shows.


The Auralic gear looks incredible:


Something sublime about a black Schiit stack:


I’d kill to get my hands on a CA Andro in white with gold screws (and that ALO amp doesn’t look too shabby either!):



Bang & Olufsen hands down.


Ohhh the ALO is beautiful. Auralic is very nice as well. I can tell you like everything blacked out! (Except your IEM’s of course :slight_smile:)


That thing (Not sure what model or product that is) looks like it fell off an alien spaceship!


Cayin HA-1A MK2. Sexy!


That is sexy…reminds me of an old 1950s speedboat , and a lighthouse lol.


That’s quiet neat!

I had an old Peachtree iDecco (something or other) that had a little tube, for the headphone amp, displayed in a window on the front of the unit.

Somewhat bizarrely, when you had the tube stage enabled, it lit up BLUE (LEDs under the tube) … which was very strange … orange would have been MUCH more to my aesthetic preferences!


Although not a tube amp, I’m a pretty big fan of the Peachtree Nova300s looks.

I’ve been trying to get them to send us a unit for ages but no success yet. It’s too bad their website uses low-res photography as well. Doesn’t do it justice at all.


More like the boat in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

“My headphones are prepared! How’s yours?”


okay. You win. Those are gorgeous.


Although I am not a huge fan of the headphones myself (a little too fatiguing for my tastes), The HD 800S is a pretty fantastic looking set of cans.

And no, I have not tried a modded pair as I haven’t had a pair for at home use.

I do think in the price range though, I’d probably take the Focal Clears every time although I do think the HD 800S looks better.